Ticats to the USA?

What are the chances that the Hamilton Tigercats might possibly move out of the country? They're in dire need of a new city; in Canada QC and Ottawa look like the front-runners, but they're years away from a suitable stadium. Could there possibly be relocation (maybe even temporary/testing of the US market) somewhere in the United States? Perhaps Michigan, WNY, PA, or dare I say Ohio?

Some cities worthy of testing:

Portland OR
Grand Rapids
Columbus OH
Erie PA
Duluth MN

not happening.
end of discussion.

I imagine they'd play out of Rogers Centre.

Think about it though.. it'd be a perfect time to test out a potential great US market. Look at Baltimore back in the day, and with a possible NFL lockout this season, you may pull some fans from elsewhere looking for a football fix.

Be open minded, will you.

I know I would rather see the ticats go south than fold. a 7 team league just doesnt work for me

I'm thinking that they'll share the stadium with the Argos for at least a season or two. The facility is there. They only need 6 or 7 home dates of their own if the CFL wants to choose a team for a neutral site again. Better to take the Go Train or head down the highway then lose x number of fans. This isn't about being open minded. It's about the magnitude of the matter, plus the bureaucracy involved with your suggestion.

personally, I wish no cfl team had to play in a stadium named rogers :thdn:

I think they will share a stadium too with the Argos, until they get a new one in Hamilton, at least that way they will stay in Hamilton.

this would NEVER EVER Happen in a Million years!

it's not even a worthy topic to be in this forum, it's so ridiculous!

The problem when they expanded in the 90's was that they started tossing expansion teams all over the place. If they gradually (over the course of 10-15 years) start adding teams here and there to Football starved cities (and there are quite a few in the US), I don't see how this won't actually help the CFL. It may actually help garter some type of TV contract with a US-based network, thus contributing furthermore to the CFL's revenue. I don't foresee any better time than now, throw a team down south; see how it does. :wink:

who are you to decide that

so you govern opinions now??

I can predict the future…


… just kidding but It’d be interesting if a team ventures south of the border.

he is not stating it as opinion, he is stating it as fact.

Nothing funny about it!!

The funniest thing that Bad owner Bob Young said once that he wants to be compared as the newyork yankies.?????????????Dont the yankies spend 100s of millions a year on the team? Bob young spends nothing over here! The city pays 1.4 in operations cost for him and his game day staff! In short term Bob Young is a joke! He wouldnt last a month under your pay roll ! :wink:

My uncle lives near Grand Rapids, and a bunch of my friends went to school there. I think some still live in the area. So at least I'd have somewhere to stay. Driving 7-8 hours every other weekend wouldn't be much fun, though. :wink:

Not untill they figure out the import rule ! American teams are exempt from fielding Canadians and can use all Americans ! It's a unfair playing advantage and not what the C in the CFL stands for !

BY may or may not be a joke, but you for sure are a certified joke.

I'm sure that Ti-Cats fans who have supported the team through some lean years would have a different of that.

Most were probably not expecting this news and no doubt some are taking it pretty badly. How about you give them a break for a couple of days?