ticats to take bauman at #1, trying to trade to get #3 pick

[url=http://www.900chml.com/news/news_local.cfm?cat=7428109912&rem=64325&red=80110923aPBIny&wids=410&gi=1&gm=news_local.cfm]http://www.900chml.com/news/news_local. ... _local.cfm[/url]

i dont like, we shuda got besiak

Looks like we could get him a 4 anyways

You spoke too soon.... we got both :wink:

ticats walk away with both players they had targeted.
congrats marcel!

Marcel knows what he's doing.

Good job Marcel....

thats so lucky, second pick was a kicker??? why lol

cuz fleming cant play forever.

There is more to that deal we will have to wait??????

I love that the CFL is streaming this draft off their website..sitting at work watching this..I love it :slight_smile:

I am also at work watching this. Now that my brother has gone first overall, I can get back to work :smiley:

welcome to the lair to our newest cat fan!


It 1:45pm and so far, I think the Ticats have made the best possible selections. A great wide receiver and an excellant lineman who comes ready to play.

Congratulations, Mr. Desjardins, I think you made the best selections open to you.