Ticats to sign Charles Rogers?


Do you think its a remote possibility? I didn't really follow him in college much, let me know what you think. I bet we probably have most cap flexibility.

Supposedly three CFL teams have shown interest in him, I'll guess they are MTL, SASK and TOR?

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20070819_131901_5372]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 31901_5372[/url]

I'd love for the Ticats to sign Rogers, but this has Argos written all over it.

Toronto has been hit with some big injuries to the receiving corps all year, and there's a lot of pressure on the Argos to make it into the Grey Cup, which they host this year.

And Mohns, Rita and company aren't afraid to sign headcases.

I sure hope not. He's not worth the money in sure some team will throw at him. He is a lazy, soft football player that was so worthless the the Lions that they completely gave up on such a highly drafted and paid player.

To be fair the Detroit Lions have given up many high draft picks on crappy receivers lately (Here's hoping Calvin Johnson does OK!)

In my opinion, Charles Rogers no matter where he goes is not a CFL type receiver, forget all of his off field stuff, he is not built to be a CFL receiver and would not help the Ti-Cats in any way, shape or form.

chuck rogers is fat, lazy and loves weed, he's also got cfl rights held by jim popp and the ALs.

I'd like to see them sign this guy. He can catch, his college career proved that. That being said... this certainly does have "ARGOS" written all over it.

als would have 1st shot, according to his agent he wants to come to the CFL to resurrect his career

man this would be jokes if the cfl could get all these ex-nfl guys up here:

-marucs & michael vick
-pacman jones
-tank johnson
-charles rogers
-maurice clarett
-mike ditka

could you imagine the reality show based on all these fools, could you imagine these guys getting filmed while making it rain on hess?

Maurice Clarett= Currently Located in Prison, Serving a 7 & a half year sentence.

Well, the Cats uniforms used to have stripes so Clarett might feel right at home in Hamilton.

Now that the Argos have signed Edwards, they can cut Avery before the Sept deadline and have room under the cap.

An Argo-Cat fan

exactly what I was thinking, although, they released Jamal White to make room for Edwards.

the argos made a smart move, they sign edwards now and can sign him to a minimum salary since he is desperate to play, they can avery and white, and just keep canadian backups playing behind edwards.

That might have been an interesting point if the blue team didnt have the extensive history of picking up those kinds of players.

i always find it funny on now the argos promote and pimp themselves as a community team, yet they had robert baker, who sold drugs, bernard williams was a thug, andre rison was a big time thug, etc. etc.

Charles Rogers S*cks. He is worthless, useless, and a team cancer

With the lack of recieving corps we have I think we might as well give him a try.

I know he has a bad off-field history however everyone deserves a second chance.

Remember he was considered to be the second best player of the 03 draft.

Three teams have showed intrest in signing him? Really? That wouldn’t be his agent trying to make his client look more valuable for some reason now would it…hmmmm.

If Montreal does not have plans for Rogers they will wait for the phone to ring for offers to trade his rights. Then and only then will we really know just how many teams are interested in his rights.