Ticats to sign Chad Owens from arch rival Argos

according to multiple sources. 3 amazing KRs and one of the Argos biggest threats the past couple years is coming to the right side of the grass :rockin:

Here's one source

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti Chad Owens move to the #Ticats is a one year deal #CFL #CFLFA
[url=https://twitter.com/TSNScianitti/status/697847622514647040?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw]https://twitter.com/TSNScianitti/status ... wsrc%5Etfw[/url]

Wow, just wow. that is one heck of a get for the TiCats

Love Owens, super player, but does get injured. :?

Quite a surprise!


It is a surprise because everybody thought he was going to the Lions since he changed his social media page wallpaper to a Lion on Monday. In retrospect, people should have thought Ti-Cat instead. Anyway, it can be argued that at this stage of his career, he is probably more valuable as a leader than as a player.

If this was a few years ago it would be, but at this point in his career Owens doesn't have much left.

No longer a return threat, Owens was limited to just punt returns last year. He's cut down on fumbles, but hands are still unreliable.

In all honesty, Diontae Spencer was the much more explosive player last year. Look for him to replace Owens in Toronto's line up this season.

He's the argos most recognized and most marketable player, and he's gone before they get to BMO.

Who becomes the face of the franchise now - Coombs?

Matthew Scianitti said 3 teams made an offer to Owens. None were from the Argos. Owens also took less money so he could stay closer to his current home in Toronto.

Will never forget the game winning grab he made last year. One of the best catches I have seen by any receiver anywhere. He is still hugely popular in Hawaii from what I understand.

Maybe they'll have to start building the profile of their starting QB. What was his name again - Dicky? Richard?

As a Ticat fan, I LIKE (not love) the signing (as Aerial said, he is injury prone) but what DG said is exactly what went thru my pea brain when I heard. Maybe the Argos are considering bringing back Pinball. :roll: You want to sell ST and you let your greatest (playing) ambassador sign with the competition?

If the new braintrust has any marketing sense they'd go with the person who's still the most recognizable athlete in Toronto by a wide margin, even though he retired 15yrs ago - - Pinball Clemons.

Me neither. :?

Coombs would be an excellent choice for three reasons.


They seemed to try it with Durie but he just kept getting injured so his visibility was next to nothing.

Coombs has potential, but hasn’t stayed healthy either…nor, has he accomplished anything notable yet.
( I’d still market him, but Chad was the past and present, while Coombs the future)

And if your most marketable player is 15 years retired (pinball) you’ve got problems.

I can’t look at the argo’s roster and see one name that is established that will be around past this year. Durie likely gone after this year. Foley the same. Everyone else is very replaceable while having little to no history with the club.

I've seen Facebook posts from college girls who know nothing of the CFL, but post pics of meeting Chad Owens at Toronto bars / restaurants.
I was surprised they knew who he was, and the comments were other chicks saying they've met him or seen him out.

Who do the argos have with that cross-over recognizable appeal?

This should have been a consideration when the argos thought of giving him a contract. He's more than just on-field production. He's branding.

That must explain how the Argos have managed to sell 15,000 season tickets - - all those college girls inspired by meeting Chad Owens.

Branding only works when your winning. A losing brand is a losing brand.

Chad Owens ?@ChadOwens2
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