Ticats To Retain Three Coaches for 2009

According to Ken Peters' blog posted this evening, the Ticats will retain three of their existing coaches for next year:

Receivers coach Dennis Goldman;
Special teams coach Dave Easley;
Either defensive line coach John Kropke or defensive secondary coach Chip Garber.

The offensive and defensive coordinator positions, offensive line coach and one of the two defensive coach positions noted above are apparently up for grabs:


The way our dline played last year, please send John packing. The secondary looked good, keep Chip!

Easley and Goldman know their stuff and
they have been teaching it for a long time.

I have no problem with them being retained.

When Marcel conducted his year-end review and
evaluation of the effectiveness of all his coaches

apparently, Dave Easley graded highly

on the results he got working with the players that
he had to work with on his Special Team's units

and Receivers coach Goldman graded highly on his work
coaching the pass receivers that he had to work with.

That is a more valid way of rating Special teams and
position coachs than the win/loss records of their teams.

Head Coaches, and to some extent Offensive and Defensive
Co-ordinators, take the fall for poor win/loss records, Kenny.

I think we should go after Mike Gibson from Sask as OC, he's available!

I think I saw enough growth in our secondary and our receivers to justify keeping Goldman and Garber. I was iffy on Easley, but there were some improvements there. We do still need work on ST coverage though.

I'm not sure if the d-line problems were Kropke's fault or O'Billovich's fault for not bringing in enough talent.


On my way into work this morning I heard on 102.9 that Mike Gibson was going to be named Offensive Co-ordinator today.

Our secondary did pretty well this past season especially when you consider they had no pass rush to help them. Garber needs to work on his zone cover coaching though as that was one area the DB's lacked consistently all season. Who knows though.. maybe it was just bad schemes from Creehan that were at fault in zone cover.

The receivers were the biggest improvement on the team and Goldman deserves to keep his job and maybe get a raise.

I like coach Chip Garber He did great Job are picks where up last year.
He need work on getting better on Man to man Coverage with his players
Jeff Tisdale bloomed under his coaching
Hope we get him back

I think Garber will be retained because his players showed sparks of unity and improvement. Kropke is just like Bleamer: better to let him go and start fresh with someone else. The D-Line was that bad.

I was not impressed with Krope - suitable but highly unlikily repalcement - Coach Sal. Goldman - not impressed with the fact he could not teach his receivers to come back to the ball when the QB was introuble. That was almost every play. OLine was pathetic................ The D Line - no rush ends and a solid nose tackle.

Couldn’t agree with you more on that bolded point, armchair.

Receiver coaches don't teach that....typically it is the philosophy of the HC/OC. With that said I don't know how much evidence there is that the receivers wouldn't come back. Plus, Im sure most of the time the pocket collapsed before they could finish their route to begin with.