Ticats to Raise Ticket Prices.. Give me a break

3 Wins and There Going to Raise Prices..
I as Season Ticket Holder
I am Sicken by this...
"You want better players we need raises Prices"
This is what Bob Saids Every year.
It is told Crap...

I hope they Don't Raise too high cause Frankly
3 wins Dose not cut it..
Can you Promise me at least 500 or Better ???
Of Course not .

I will come back but I may not be in Box J
$500.00 a year for what 3 wins Give me a Break..
what now 600 for box J.

Please give better reason then
If you want better players you need to pay more.
that is crap BC Tickets are less the ours
they won a grey cup..

Fan appreciation night. That didn't last long. A thank you from the players for sitting through the season, followed by Bob telling us we need to shell out more hardearned money for the priviledge. Ticats already charge the second highest rate in the league and now they want more! Well guess what Bob, you can have two more tickets to sell next year, I hope you can get what you are going to ask for them because you won't get it from me! I'm really not sure what the increase will be for, they already have lots of room under the cap, so it won't be for players. Incredible gall, I can't believe the nerve of this organization.

I predict it will be some time before the sales start getting made.

I'm from Missouri.

Show me.

Who will these "better players" be???

Sign some...then we'll throw money down...maybe.

Now, change co-ordinators and your off to a good start.

Did any of you really expect that ticket prices would go down, and team quality would go up?

Come on...be honest!

Did I expect the ticket prices to go down. No, of course not. Did I expect the quality of the team to go up, of course I did. Have I stuck by the team for the last four years of rebuilding, absolutely. Did the organization keep it's end of the bargain no. Would you pay more for a product of inferior quality? No. Would you believe it if the store owner said, "I know our current product is not very good. I know I said it would get better, but it hasn't because I made a lot of mistakes trying to get this product to market. But why don't you give me more for it and it might be better next time." No, you would go to another store. In this scenario, a good business decision would be to hold ticket prices where they are until there is a noticable improvement in the product they are trying to sell. That is being honest

Two season tickets for the McMaster Marauders----$80. and they play entertaining football. Can you imagine watching a team that actually understands how to play Canadian football. Bye, bye Bob, it hasn't been fun the last three years, but it has been expensive.

Young needs more money to get better players.

Bull @#*^ !!

We're not talking about the NY Yankees and their revenue generation versus the Toronto Blue Jays.

There's a salary cap. Everybody works from that and our present ticket prices are more than enough to cover it unless there is a huge jump coming in the cap.

Bob this is a business - I buy that - and quite frankly I still thank you for saving this team. But don't give us BS.

I understand everyone's point but in order to improve this team you have to spend money...You get money from ticket sales

I didn't stay until the end...they announced ticket prices are going up? That is the dumbest move they could possibly do. I am glad the Cats won the game but that is win #3 for the year. How about this for a deal Bob....you sign the players and start winning some games and you'll start getting the 28000 + that you were getting when the team was atleast respectable and you'll have the money you need!

Did any of you really expect that ticket prices would go down, and team quality would go up?
Not down... but sometimes a company keeps prices down or runs a loss leader to develop or keep loyalty.

I really, truly, and honestly, do not believe that the team kept faith with the fans this year. Yes, it's a business but a very peculiar kind of business. It's one run on emotion and loyalty and that has real strengths and weaknesses.

As a counsellor I can assure you that feelings of love can turn to ones of anger - and then dismissal - very quickly.

Mr. Young's announcement tonight felt like a bloodless version of Harold Ballard's approach and it saddened me. As a long time fan I feel taken for granted. Perhaps I'm not the kind of fan the team wants anymore. They certainly don't NEED the few dollars that my family contributes to the coffers. It may be that the business model doesn't even WANT me in the stands (that's quite possible folks- I've seen and worked on targeted business plans).

To Mr. Young-
How can I say this without sounding over the top? Perhaps you'll understand this. You've given us VISTA. It's unstable, needs loads of patches, has the users unhappy, and costs more. But the Ti-Cats aren't Microsoft. The competition goes beyond the LINUX users on the fringes.

My son uses LINUX. I'm learning how to use it. I'm leaving Microsoft as far behind as possible.

Bill Gates doesn't really care about me or my concerns. In fact, with his billions he's completely insulated from them. He doesn't remember what it's like to have to figure out how to pay for a new head gasket for an old car. (I'm not just speaking perjoratively. I've heard and read a lot of Mr. Gates and I also follow his philanthropic ventures as well as his business practices.)

Why should I support him and his enterprise?

What reasons are you giving me to support the 'Cats with limited resources? Please don't give the same answers.

I'm listening.... have been since you came... still am....

From (I suppose) an ungrateful wretch

Can anyone provide an actual link to this announcement?... I tell ya if this is true it has to be the BIGGEST mistake in ANY business history, this will certainly turn fans away.. Bob, please say it aint so!!


I will pay you the difference if you get rid of your intrusive signature..

Yes please tell me this isn't so. The Ticats management have been pretty smart since Bob took over...they have to be to get over 20 000 on a night in November for 2 non play off teams and a Ticat team that has been bad for a number of years.....but to raise ticket prices would be a slap in the face to those who have stuck by you.

Bob said this in an interview played on CHML. He suggested that there would be higher increases in the better seats and that the increases would be lower in the 'cheapies'.
(No mention if that 'lower' would be in absolute terms or on a percentage basis.)

great post mark, excellent.
i don't understand bob's reasoning.
if he's to get better players for the team, he says he'll have to spend more money.
BUT there's only so much money under the cap that can be paid to players, good or otherwise.
say you decide to replace cornerback lawrence gordon; whomever you pick to replace him will be paid roughly the same amount of money that gordon himself was paid.
and another point: if you have to go get better players, then that must mean that ones we had weren't good enough, and that would mean that your full-to-bursting personnel office wasn't doing the job in bringing in the players that we needed to have. and their numbers (salaries etc) aren't mandated under the salary management system.
bob, we just didn't fall off the turnip truck, we've been around the track a few times.
(and all this windows, linux stuff ... i'm an apple guy!)

bob, we just didn't fall off the turnip truck, we've been around the track a few times.
Unfortunately, you may not be the kind of fan that's wanted either. Boy, I hate sounding like this!

Season ticket pricing will be a huge issue for the Ticat organization over the off-season.

Here are the links to the season ticket prices of all of the CFL teams (except that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' website now only lists individual game ticket prices because it is the end of the season):

http://www.bclions.com/index.php?module=page&id=3122 http://www.stampeders.com/index.php?module=page&id=2005 http://www.esks.com/default.asp?V_DOC_ID=1283 [url=http://www.riderville.com/modules.php?name=Sections&op=viewarticle&artid=34]http://www.riderville.com/modules.php?n ... e&artid=34[/url] [url=http://www.bluebombers.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=50]http://www.bluebombers.com/index.php?op ... &Itemid=50[/url] http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=page&id=4049 [url=http://www.argonauts.ca/Argos/Tickets/season_tickets.html]http://www.argonauts.ca/Argos/Tickets/s ... ckets.html[/url] [url=http://en.montrealalouettes.com/index.php?module=page&id=6022]http://en.montrealalouettes.com/index.p ... ge&id=6022[/url]

Other than the Montreal Alouettes, who sell the most expensive season tickets in the league, fans in the other CFL teams get to sit in real seats rather than benches and watch the home team win the majority of its games while paying a comparable ticket price to what Ticat fans currently pay. And many of the other teams pay more stadium rent than the Ticats do.

A substantial number of Ticat season ticket holders did not renew for the 2007 season after the 4 win, 14 loss season in 2006 even though the prices basically stayed the same. The Ticats will already lose some season ticket holders in 2008 as a result of this 3 win, 15 loss season even if the season ticket prices were to stay at 2007 prices. One hopes that Bob Young and Scott Mitchell are sensitive to the possibility that they could lose many more season ticket holders if they decide to raise season ticket prices for the 2008 season.

Bob said this in an interview played on CHML. He suggested that there would be higher increases in the better seats and that the increases would be lower in the 'cheapies'. (No mention if that 'lower' would be in absolute terms or on a percentage basis.)
This is a pretty good, although not complete, version of what I did say.

Specifically, I pointed out that our best seats cost less for a -whole season- than the best Raptors or Leaf seats cost for a single game. Those seats will and should increase.

But we are keen to keep our events affordable for families so there will continue to be many very affordable seats.

As we all know, the problem with the media is that they look for headlines and sound bites. So "Ticket Prices to Rise" is a good headline even if it is not an accurate story.


I am sure people will have nothing to complain about then, when there is no team...?

Winning fixes everything. Ticat fans are just fed up with losing. So probably is the owner. No need to start the doomsday scenarios.