Ticats to Name New Head Coach!!!!!!!!! News Conference Today

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Tiger Cats will name Marcel Bellfeuille head coach for 2009 in a press conference this afternoon!

58 People have checked out this posting and not one reply. Can only guess that they are as stunned by this announcement as I am!

No surprise.. I'm more interested in hearing who his coordinators will be.

I think Bellefuelle is a guy with a positive attitude, good ideas, and excellent coaching experience. And the players seem to play well for him/respect him. I also like the fact that the players know he will be head coach next year, so there are no question marks hanging over his head in their eyes. Importantly, also, is that Obie has confidence in Bellefuelle. And now the Ticats can plan their draft, player aquisitions intelligently and early, rather than waiting months for a head coaching search to finish.

I wonder how many Ticat assistant coaches will be brought back next year?

I think 58 people have checked it out because the title is a little misleading.

I'm not entirely surprised by this and I don't really mind. I prefer his coaching style to Taaffe's and I think he should be given a shot at coaching all of the all-stars I'm sure O'Billovich will be bringing in this off-season. :wink:

Bad news.

Marcel made several BAD calls last game that led to the loss. A meaningless loss maybe, but a loss still.

I would have preffered the Cats give at least an image of exploring any and all options.

I do not expect much from next season, as Marcel is obviously a rookie head coach and the best we can hope for is him to grow into the role as he learns.

Indeed. I would grant Bellefeuille 3 exclamation points, tops. :wink: Of course, we're assuming that TSN is correct about what the announcement will be...

I agree with the buzz posting. I really expected the team to take some time, take stock, see who was available. He might still have been named head coach but they really should have taken a longer look at the overall results from this year. You have to remember that a lot of fans think this man's offensive schemes were a very big part of the poor record the team had this year.

Why would the team not look at who is available in the off season before giving the reins to him?

Was in Maryland on the weekend and had an opportunity to share a case of beer with a friend that coaches high school football there. Got talking about the Cats and he tells me about this coaching clinic he attended a few years back that featured this hotshot offensive guru that's now with the Ticats.

And the name of this hotshot OFFENSIVE coaching guru is .... Denny Creehan.

So maybe now that MBs officially got another job, he can unveil the next OC from the guys already on board - the guy currently working the other side of the ball.

Sometimes the safest move is the smart move.
Yes, there might be another Trestman out there or we could recycle somebody but who wants to gamble on that?
Isn't continuity the most important thing now? Making Obie go on a HC hunt and leaving the current staff in limbo would be begging for more turmoil.

Finally, the Cats will spend the off season and go to camp with the full knowledge of who the coach is and QBs, receivers and most of the defense who know his system and philosophy.

I think they should've cast the net farther. If they ended up with MB after that, fine but, who knows what other very qualified people were out there. It's not like MB had a lot of other options. The team should've taken its time and looked far and wide. I doubt if they even spoke to anyone beyond MB.

An Argo-Cat fan


I agree with you. I think Marcel is a good coach and will do a good job. He's capable, competent, and commands respect. I'm glad to hear this news.

And what were the several BAD calls?

I agree 100%
A very positive move and I think great timing too!..
Don't forget people, Marcel is the one who saw the potential in Porter...

and to the people who have mentioned his mistakes or bad decisions,every coach makes them..

Big Deal Marcel is back .. Anyone could see this coming.
They Bring any players that use to Coach Keith and Chris Davis
why would do this unless they knew he was staying all a Long.
I think it a Mistake not Interview others
Marcel did okay job but I am not Happy with him us our Head Coach.
I want a Defence Coach a Ritchie Hall or Greg Marshall
we Tried the offence Coaches it not working.

He not even as good as other Greg Marshall was before he was Canned.
All we doing is Chasing our Tail.
Going around in Circles

Very Disappointed in this call.
This really makes wounder how Good Obie is now ..
He Said he won't fire Charlie then he Fires him.
He Said He'd interview others Before making a Head Coach Decision
Another lie

I wanted the Truth not a Song and Dance

Dave Ritchie is retired, get over it. I thought Don Mathews would have been a good hire but he clearly has lost it.

Good on Marcel, why not give him a chance permanently. I didn't like him taking over but I like the way the team plays under him for the most part. Shows a little continuity as well although I am not sure that is a good thing!

:roll: ....You sound like a 3 year old....