in all seriousness it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

yea i agree lol. Make it happen for real..

You guys are crazy..The Tiger-Cats literally like 2 months ago said "We want nothing to do with the NFL / Buffalo Bills plans to play games in Canada" and although it was offered to the Cats to get a shot at the tickets they walked away..this is SO an april fools joke..and a great one from where I am sitting..

Why would they call a reverse and say "hey we don't want the Bills in Canada..soooo... lets go play them in Buffalo"

Couldnt see it anyway! :wink:

Whatever it is, I personally got excited about thinking of a couple of tough cities battle it out on the field for fun.

plus i never got to see american league play canadian league "live" as I am in my twenties. I would have loved to go see this one!

Bob should stick to rectifying the "joke" on the field as opposed to using April 1st as a method to attract humour.

What the hell does BOB have to do with the "joke on the field"?.. he's just the owner not the GM nor President,he does not make the football decisions, why not lame blame where it GOES not where you THINK it goes!

PS I thought it was a great joke... funny!

I think it's hilarious. I love it that people actually fell for it...Great job!!

I knew it was an april fools gag right from the start mainly because April first is my favorite day of the year, but when I told my dad Hamilton was going to play Buffalo he got overly excited and then was crushed to find out it was just a joke.

The only thing worse then this joke would have been if president Bush called a news conference and announced they were pulling the troops out of Iraq, or they were going to take the 2 trillion dollars invested in landing on mars and instead invest it all into Africa or saying they just discoved a cure for aids and herpes.

The best jokes are ones you are relieved to find out it's a joke not ones that will be a major let down lol.

If you knew it was a joke right from the start why did you play it to your dad then if you knew it was going to ruin his life? I hope your dad gets over it, my thoughts are with him.

ok i may have overexaggerrated things a bit lol, but he was all set to buy his tickets.