Ticats Tim's Cards?

I'd like to find some of these for Christmas but no idea which Tim's might have a stock. The one closest to IWS didn't have any during the season. Has another seen any around at any of the Hamilton and environs stores? I'm not local so any help would be greatly appreciated! Ho ho ho?

I can't say with 100% certainty, but I think there are none left. I got mine as soon as possible, within a week of when they came out near the beginning of the season. The next time I was back, a couple weeks later, I wanted to get one for my mom, but they didn't have any left.

Same with the TiCat doughnuts. As soon as they came out, I made it a ritual to pick up one or two of them on my way back to Kingston. About halfway through the season, they weren't selling them anymore. I asked the lady behind the counter why they weren't selling them anymore. She told me that the doughnuts sold out a lot faster than they expected.

As an aside, I use my card almost exclusively outside of Hamilton. Lots of people say things like "I've never seen this one before," then show their co-workers. Last week when I used it, one of the Tim's ladies thought it was awesome. It's good/free PR for the team :slight_smile:

That sounds a little funny .... kinda blows the "always fresh" thing out of the water just make some more if they sell that well ..but don't most of the stores have their donuts delivered now anyways? i don't know ... but still sounds funny

These things are selling too well ..we better stop making them.

Yeah, the doughnuts aren't fresh. They haven't been for years. They're made in a factory in Brantford, baked 95%, then frozen and shipped out. The stores bake them the remaining 5%. I don't know why the couldn't make more of the TiCat ones. My best guess is that it has something to do with the TiCat logo on the doughnuts.

I would guess that's the case as well. I'm not a baker, but weren't the logos effectively like edible "iron-ons" that were transferred to the icing of each of the donuts?

I heard it said that the donuts where finished when the supply of edible ticats logos were gone? Seemed like a logical explanation. :wink:

I just saw one on eBay if anyone wants one...Starting bid is $5 or best offer.

Try Concession near Upper wentworth

Thanks. I'll have a friend check it out.