Ticats throw the game!

[i]Ticats have no class!

They are pretty much assured of first place in the East. They lost 2 times in 3 games to the Alouettes. They don't want to meet the Alouettes in the playoffs. The only way they play the Alouettes in the playoffs is in the Grey Cup...

THREEPEAT ANYONE! Yup, 3 straight Grey Cup losses.

So they go to BC and throw the game to help BC push the Alouettes out of the playoffs.

DIRTY CATS. They have no shame.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: [/i]


this johnny guy is kinda funny,,,,maybe your als shoulda took care of your own business,,,we did beat bombers twice this year and bc once to help your cause,,,,howd your als do against the redblacks this year?

This guy is such a waste of time.

Yet my fault for opening the thread.

Could not even bother to place it into the game thread.

Actually, Johnny's recent posts have been quite funny. :thup:


bobo 2!
Impressive! :rockin:

Wait till Desjardin's Redblack ends their season. That's going to be pure gold.

You think?? Don't hold your breath on that one. They'll be back on their game by next week!

Unless they get lucky and the Argos do it for them (possible with Ray coming back) or unless Ottawa takes some injures. Ottawa will have 3 cracks at it. They win the series and its bye bye... With Collaros injury and the weak oline and a very healthy Ottawa roster. I think Ottawa is the team to beat in the east going forward.

BC showed last night how you attack Hamilton. That's throwing the ball and putting the pressure on their defensive backfield and Ottawa is very capable of doing that. I'm really looking forward to that b2b between those two well coached teams.

[i]Johnny calls them as he sees them. Johnny calls shenanigans on this one! There is no way Hamilton prepared and put in the effort to win this game!

One of the cheapest and unsportsman like behaviours Johnny has seen in a long time! :thdn: [/i]

I think they very, very badly wanted this game.

1- Austin's facial expression.
2- Playing a busted up Gable
3- Playing a busted up Bomben

The last thing Austin wanted was this kind of setback where all their weaknesses are exposed before going to play a Red hot vindictive Burris/Williams duo twice in a row.

Bomben WAS healthy at the start of last night's game after being off for a few games but returning last week in Montreal. Unfortunately it looks like he could have a broken wrist or arm with the way he came off the field so he will likely be done for the season.
Gable is NOT busted up but has recovered from his dislocated elbow as has Fantuz. However it seems to be a pattern with the team this season that as soon as they start to get healthy, a few more players end up on the IL. In spite of that AND losing an MOP QB in Collaros they are still first in the east - for now - and will be working hard to stay there.

No they didn't want the set back but they will learn and be better for it.

Johnny is a little cranky over this I see :stuck_out_tongue: It would appear that Johnny clearly thinks that the fix was in :cowboy: