Ticats third jersey

I still wouldn't waste my money.

I believe the last time the Tiger-Cats wore a yellow jersey as their standard road jersey was in the late 1950's:

Here's the Bernie Faloney card from the 1958 Topps set:

I don't like the vertical stripes around the shoulders though. And no, I don't like the Baltimore Colts' jersey or the one the Saskatchewan Roughriders wore during most of the Ron Lancaster years either.


Saw a lot of these at the game last night. They do look nice in person, just not into 'The Hammer' wording nickname on the front. Maybe 'Ticats' wouldnhave been a better choice going for a nickname idea on these.

The only reason a team changes uniforms or add a third Jersey
Is merchandise sales plain and simple
This is all about a cash grab I personally won't buy another Jersey
Till we get a Grey Cup win

This was the best Jersey Hamilton ever had


I think they're really cool, but they seem incredibly expensive. If they cost the same as the regular jersey I'd have bought one already. I feel like it needs the numbers/letters otherwise it's just too much grey, so cheaping out there isn't an option.

I really liked our old 2014 grey one too.

Oh, and for the record that Pittsburgh striped one is also gorgeous. I'd love it if we wore something like that. But I'm a huge rugby fan so horizontal hoops are my jam :slight_smile:


Not to go off topic, but here's a good read on old football cards and wrong colourizations:

Thanks for posting the explanation of why some of the CFL player cards, in the late 50's, depicted uniforms that never were. I'd like to see "Part 2" of the story, but can't find it.

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Yes, it would be nice to see a Part 2 with the Eastern teams. I can't find it either.