Ticats third jersey

Does this also apply to Major League Baseball and the Minor Leagues, and the National Basketball Association and the G-League? These are all players that were drafted/signed free agents of the "big leagues" - and the same goes for the AHL, after all...


Crested MADE IN THE HAMMER Replica Jersey
Crested MADE IN THE HAMMER Replica Jersey

Not from the Tiger cats.

I wouldn't buy the jersey because I don't need another one but some of the other stuff looks pretty cool. I think I'll grab a hoody and ball cap.

Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely! The bastiches are all seeking to monopolize their respective sport.


Donno if this is same one this is one I saw

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The NHL monopolizes the minor leaves because they’re the only people on the planet that will bankroll minor league hockey.

As much as they’d like to sell a few more tickets, the minor league systems are really just a rounding error on the overall budgets. There’s no way they’re not going to leverage any opportunity to build their big league brand.

The AHL and other minor leagues have existed for nearly a century. I don't believe that they'd disappear without NHL ownership and/or the NHL calling the shots. I'm not opposed to an NHL team coming to terms with some AHL team with regards to farming out players to this AHL team. What I'm demanding though is independence, and not just of ownership but in operations.

So marketing the Oilers in Hamilton, the Flames in Stockton or the Hurricanes in Chicago helps to sell more tickets in Edmonton, Calgary and Raleigh? Really? And I'm not sure the additional ten to twelve jerseys the NHL teams sell in these markets by operating the AHL teams is key to keeping the NHL franchises afloat.

Incidentally, how many of you Hamiltonians switched favourite teams to the Oilers and then Canadiens when the Hamilton Bulldogs were in the AHL?


Who freakin' cares, this is a thread about a uniform that will probably be used twice this season.

There are other places to air your grievances about ownership of farm teams.


This is a very odd and seemingly angry flex on a very bizarre topic. Enjoy life on the island, I’m out…

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So says the Detroit Lions fan . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I second the notion that these are hideous. Wasn't a fan of the first go around with grey but this seems like a definite downgrade to me, trying way to hard to be modern. I prefer the yellow jerseys as alternates myself even though the Casey Printers days left much to be desired on the field

I liked the original grey ones, but these are a bit different. I tend to think that the "hammer" motif is over-used (every stripe, every "H", etc), and I tend to dislike pants of the same colour, but these are growing on me.

Not enough for me to want to purchase one, but they aren't bad. How they look in TV during a game will tell all...

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I just think any third jersey should be in a team's colours. Worse yet the new grey uniform is simply listless and boring.


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But, the entire idea about a third jersey is to be completely DIFFERENT than the "normal" team colours.
Black and Gold are still on the uniform. The background colour just happens to be "steel grey" as an homage to the steel-making history of Hamilton.

One of the more striking ones were the "Flying Wildcats" jerseys they wore in Guelph. IIRC, they were bright red - not the "traditional" colours of the Tiger-Cats, eh?

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So I guess when you say that they should be in the team's colours.... :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
Maybe we should go on this kind of scheme then ? We could be the Hamilton Bumble Bees for a night . :honeybee: :crazy_face:


Can’t imagine they sold too many of those at the Heinz Field merch store. Should have gone full out and used leather helmets to complete the look.

And to think there's another forum member here complaining about the Alouettes current jerseys. Those(Pittsburgh?) are just plain old butt ugly (but good for a belly laugh or two).

When it comes down to it, I don't care WHAT colours (except for two-tone blue) they wear as long as they win the frickin' games...


To be fair those were throwback jerseys in honour of a predecessor team. But I agree that they were fabulous. The WOMAN and I each have one!

Well it's not so much a case of caring; it's a case of being tempted to actually buy.

And the wins though the subject of unending discussion in other threads are never guaranteed regardless of jersey. In this thread the subject (as you've been so eager to remind me) is the aesthetic merit of the new jersey.


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You'd have to lose the NFL helmet before I'd even deign to consider that kit.