Ticats third jersey

These are the ugliest jerseys I have ever seen
They're Cleveland Brown ugly
What were they thinking!!

What I'd like is a jersey simply reversing the black and yellow colours of the home kit. Either that or a throwback yellow jersey from the early 1960's like this one Joe Zuger is wearing:


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All I can say is...


139.99 with no name… just purchase one and get name later

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I'm sorry but that uniform is ugly as hell
I'd rather they brought back the gold jersey
I mean it's Cleveland Brown ugly

I’m sorry but I like the look. To each his own.

Interesting photo, to me, as I don't recall the Tiger-Cats, other than that '09 alternate, wearing yellow jerseys anytime after the '58 Grey up, and those weren't, at all, like this one. Also, the player pictured doesn't even look like Zuger, to my old eyes

Apparently the card is legit but strangely enough it says it's from '65' and is Zugers' rookie card . Don't quite get why a player whose rookie season was in '62' would have a rookie card published 3 years after the fact and in a uniform that he never wore .

Here is the card that was shown in that post it seems identical except for the jersey colour . This card is apparently from '63' and also says that it is a rookie card as well.

The Joe Zuger card I posted is from the 1963 Topps set. It may well have had yellow colouring applied to the photo for reasons only Topps might (or might not) be able to explain.

The card Bobo posted was from the 1965 Topps set. Whoever labelled it Joe Zuger's rookie card was either mistaken or lying.

And yes, I've had both cards (and sets) in my collection for nearly forty years. How time flies. It seems just yesterday that I was both astounded and delighted to once again acquire the cards I had as a kid. I still treasure them of course because of the strong connection they provide to my formative years as a CFL fan.


These uniforms are repulsive. They look like they are covered with the toxic, malevolent particulate material that comes out of Hamilton's smokestacks. They probably glow in the dark.

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The 1963 Post Cereal CFL cards feature photo accurate colour pictures of the Tiger-Cats (and other CFL teams). Here's how the Tiger-Cats actually looked in 1963:

Reverse the yellow and white colours of the jersey Garney Henley is wearing and you'd have a nifty yellow Tiger-Cat third jersey. I'd certainly buy one.


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So I guess your not buying one😝

No, I won't be. The absolute worst CFL uniforms ever were the 2014 Signature collections. The Winnipeg helmets and the jerseys were covered in what can only be assumed to be birdshit.

I like them. They play more to the young crowd. The league needs more young people watching. Some exciting games this week and a fresh look for their favorite players can only help the CFL!

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How exactly do they play more to the young crowd though?

I was at the Bulldogs game tonight and witnessed young and old wearing the ticat inspired jerseys. Those are simply class.

Generally well regarded sport unis transcend all ages. Good design is simply that.

I really don't understand why the Hamilton Bulldogs going back to the AHL team didn't choose to wear the black, yellow and white colours all along. Those are Hamilton's colours.

That’s because the AHL teams were affiliated with their NHL parents. They will always wear the ‘family’ colours. First the Oilers, then the Habs.

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It's a fresh new look with a new color. The other thing to remember is that the team is trying to sell jerseys. If they're too close to the ones the team already has then there's less reason to buy them. When I say they play to the young crowd I mean that a lot of people I read online are asking for a retro jersey or a yellow jersey. The design is a color that people will wear in public more and if I could be honest yellow is not a popular color to wear out on a non football day. And young people don't want a retro jersey. Just my opinion and i'm a big fan of it.

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Fair enough.

If they can win wearing them I'll likely become a fan too.

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I knew somebody would say that. You'd think though it would be pretty obvious to even the "brain" trust of NHL teams that marketing Hamilton would be a more effective way to sell tickets to hockey fans in Hamilton than stressing the connection to teams in far away Edmonton and Montréal not strongly resonating with Hamiltonians.

As a general principle I'm unequivocally opposed to NHL teams operating AHL franchises as farm teams and thereby calling the shots for these teams. You'd think anti-combines legislation should come into play. The NHL shouldn't be allowed to be in a position to call the shots for organized hockey in North America all the way down into the minor leagues.