Ticats third jersey

I think they look very cool . . . except maybe the hammer icon striping on the helmet. But the colours and the H logo will have these selling well, I bet.

I didn't even notice the hammer striping! Kind of like the watermelons on the Roughrider helmets.

Hopefully they're better in person!

As an alternate uni.... I like it.

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats announce new "Made in the Hammer" third jersey - 3DownNation

More info

Nice video/ad from that article. I hope this gets a lot of views in and around Hamilton.

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I Like! :love_you_gesture:

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139.99 with no name 244.99 with name according to website store

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Not a bad look. I think they’re an improvement on the 2014 Grey ones myself. Yellow striping around the numbers looks sharp ( don’t recall that on the 2014 ones but I may be wrong). Not a fan of grey pants or ‘The Hammer’ thing though. At least they don’t look like pajamas.

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I think its OneRepublic.

I generally like the look. Not a fan of "THE HAMMER" on the front the jersey in the "H". Should have gone with HAMILTON or TIGER-CATS and left the H with no writing.

The inner collar should have "MADE IN THE HAMMER"

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The team did that in 2006-2007. Even had some red piping around the numbers as I recall. But everyone in Hamilton would rather forget those years. If you ask someone nicely, they might be willing to part with their Jason Maas or Jesse Lumsden jerseys for a small fee



I generally hate alternate unis but I actually like these if they’re used sparingly.

I didn't like that one though precisely because with the red and other additional features it wasn't a mirror image of the Tiger-Cats regular jerseys.


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For $250.00 plus tax I'll take a hard pass.

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Didn't they have them in 2008 also. I saw a Casey Printers one on Ebay a while back.

Could have been 2007-2008, or maybe even 2006-2008. I’m trying as hard as I can to wipe those years from my memory.


I like the use of Grey by Hamilton .

They are using the NBA style nick names for the team on the front .

Kinda catchy for the younger generation . It's trendy .

Would love it if Calgary would use Grey instead of black .


I hear ya. Needless to say I didn't buy the one on Ebay

Just in case you don't do twitter or get the Spec....

They'll be wearing the "grey" the first time on Canada Day vs. Elks...

I like the uniform but didn't really like the Tiger replaced on the helmet with an H. Now that I see the hammers inside the H it actually looks pretty cool.