Ticats' third jersey, 1960s?

Old timers on this board might remember an ad campaign from the '60s for a certain beer known by its red hat logo. The campaign spoofed political parties and voluntary associations by pretending there was an association of beer drinkers loyal to the brand. They had a song and a salute (which was basically a thumbs-up.)

The campaign lasted for a few years and involved a number of athletes. A number of Ticat stars did one. The ad appears to be shot in Varsity Stadium and the players are dressed in blue and white unis with the beer's red logo on the helmets. There is no mistaking Mosca, Henley and Barrow among the players, and maybe Kelly, Patterson and Faloney. Maybe someone with keen eyes will recognize the others.

Brock University Archives was given film of these ads and has digitized about ten of them, including the Ticat one.
Here's a link ... it's the third ad in the video, and it starts at 1:27.


This is one retro jersey that likely wouldn't sell, but maybe Mr Young would like the red hat helmet ....

CARLING RED CAP :thup: :lol: :thup: pretty sure I saw Zuger in there and I think Krouse and Viti as well......that is truly a classic piece of memorabilia,good find sir :thup: :thup: I remember as kids singing the Red Cap song,marching along all of us with our thumbs up in the air.....it was a pretty popular beer back in the 60's and eary 70's and I have to admit the little song jingle was catchy and fun and the commercials were as well. :cowboy:

Tommy Grant and Hal Patterson

Any idea when these commercials ran? In particular, the one with the marching band. The reason I'm asking is that one of the band members has a striking resemblance to Bill Murray, but I'm thinking he'd be too young to be in this one - born in 1950.

I think the campaign ran between 1966 and 1971. They were created by a Toronto agency named Vickers & Benson, and the man behind the campaign was Terry O'Malley. He joined the agency in 1964. If you mean the American actor Bill Murray, then it's probably not him. V&B hired American celebrities for some spots, but most of their extras were locals (including their own staff).

You can find some of O'Malley's memories of the Red Cap campaign mid-way down this page:


O'Malley worked on a lot of memorable campaigns.

One of the catchy sayings or slogans of the time: Snapacapa Red Cap....Red Cap Ale. This is how I remember ordering the ale in those days. Good memories....thanks.

Not to go off topic here,but I see that Bill Murray's co-star in Ghostbusters and fellow SCTV alumni Harold Ramis passed away today at 69.The two also starred in several other productions and movies such as Stripes and Groundhog Day. R.I.P to Harold
Ramis,you will be missed. :cry:

My inlaws were in the hotel business. One of their friends was the Carling salesman for the area. Whenever we entered a room where he was he always had a Red Cap in this hand. The funny thing was, he had the label looking right at you. They must teach that at salesman school

Perhaps an early form of the ever present "product placement" seen on every T.V. show and movie nowadays. :cowboy:

Carling Red Crap was not a fan favourite in my circle of friends. We were Molson Stock Ale fans. My grandfather drank Red Crap and Calings Brading Ale, two of the worst beers ever produced.

Red Cap was thought of as what old people drank when I was starting to drink beer. Back then, we tended to drink Labatt's Blue or Molson "Armadillo" (let's see how many get that reference), and maybe a Heineken when we wanted to be fancy. No sure I'd touch any of these now.

Its too bad old Varsity had to be condemned and demolished. Its further too bad that the university decided against the project that eventually became BMO Field and opted to go it alone building a tiny stadium.

Had the Argos moved in a spruced up the place in the way the Alouettes did with Molson Stadium, who knows what the state of Canadian football would be in Toronto today..