Ticats TD celebration

Here's the question i'm curious about

Much win!

You could tell it was a Winnipeg boat: no paddles and headed up Sh!t's Creek :lol:
Arland Bruce is a good influence on you guys. There's a lot of cool props in the Winnipeg north end zone.
Next time you come back, maybe you'll do a jolly jump into one of the giant, inflatable props. I'd like to see someone knock over one of the Wendy's floats.

They haven't had a chance to get fined by going "overboard". It probably hurts a lot since that eliminated them from playoff contention, but we've seen worse. I say its fine. They got penalized for it already.

I see it as entertainment. It's always interesting to see what new things these guys will come up with

I voted that they went a little too far. I generally don’t care much for over the top celebrations etc…but I must admit this one did make me laugh my head off. Just as long as it was a one time thing I dont see any cause for concern.

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I am confused I thought Winnipeg was the bombers not the boatman??? What is a boat doing in the end zone in November??????
Only in Winnipeg. :roll:

They got a few penaties for it, which I;m susprised the CFL now has those, I;m more upset about that.

CFL isn;t the NFL, we have TD celebations, not bordom!

I'm surprised it took so long for someone to ask.

Only in the CFL, baby...........gotta love it.

It was an ice fishing boat :lol: :lol:

Well it's pretty flat in Winnipeg so just in case the river overflows they can get everyone out of the stadium fast. :wink:

They were flagged on the play. That was the appropriate punishment, no fine is needed. I'd be happy if I was them too, how often does the defense get to score a TD that locks up a home playoff game?

They were flagged the first time but not the second. You don’t think doing it a second time wasn’t excessive?

why we need to fine or penalies them? i hope they don't ban things like that, makes the CFL a better product than the NFL.

I missed that game, so I didn't see the celebration. But from the photo, it looks like at least one guy has gone overboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always hated the "Show Boating stuff". I was critical when Calgary did it, so the same applies to Hamilton. Act like you've been there before.


Obviously we have or we wouldn't have saved you lucky buggers from falling into the pits.

I think it was awesome because it was the defense that did it. Offense plans things like that, this did not look improvised (the first time). Also the boat being so close to the fans was just priceless. I think this one makes it to ESPN...

Or I could be completely wrong and the D stole it from Arland :lol:

I don't care what it costs in yards or fines ,but that was worth it. :thup:

Did not see the other thread on this ,sorry ,you can get rid of this.