Ticats Talking to Marshall re Head Coaching Job

The Winnipeg Sun reports that the Ticats have asked for and received permission from the Blue Bombers to interview defensive coordinator Greg Marshall for the Ticat head coaching job:

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/Sports/Football/2006/11/28/2530500-sun.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/Sports/Footb ... 0-sun.html[/url]

Whomever the Ticats choose as the new head coach, it is good to see that they are interviewing multiple candidates before making their decision.

I'd suggest that they interview candidates and make a decision quickly. The Cats have competition for a HC from the Roughies now and Eric Tilman never struck me as a guy who wasted time.

I realize that every day without a HC is a dollar saved by the organization but I'd put the process in over-drive to make sure I got the guy I wanted.

An Argo fan

P.S. And keep your paws off Stubler!

They have also received permission to talk to Jacques Chapdelaine.


talk, talk, talk ...

we are going to miss the boat if we are not careful ...

surely Desjardins has a #1 candidate in mind ... let's get to the table or he's going to be left with his #2 or #3 pick...

and we can't afford to go into another season knowing that we couldn't land the #1 guy

Re: the Winnipeg Sun piece on Greg Marshall (the other)....doesn't "Tabbies" sound better than "Bengals"?
Its pretty bad when the Winnipeg sports writers can come up with better cliches than the hometown newspaper.

What the hell's the difference? A bengal tiger is a tiger cat. A tabby is generally a house cat.

Isn't it time that you Ken Peters bashers gave it a rest?

I don't know of many sports writers that don't do the same things as Ken Peters, so get off his case!
Even when he makes a minor slip in his column, you guys are all over him and ironically enough, most of you couldn't write or spell to save your lives.