Ticats talking to Mac about camp, practices

sources say that talks between the university and football team have resumed and that the club could not only return to the campus for training camp this June, but might also remain there for practices during the season.
[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/891786--ticats-talking-to-mac-about-camp-practices]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... -practices[/url]

Looks like they are trying to "kiss and make up". It only makes sense for a number of reasons including logistics, both for the team and they players who live year round in the Hamilton area.

Not sure what logistics you're talking about. From what I've been reading here, I was under the impression that Guelpsh's practice facilities were better than Mac's. As for players that live in the Hamilton area, I'm sure the 17 minute drive from Hamilton to Guelph is not an issue.

As I've mentioned before, I thought it very important for marketing reasons that the Tiger-Cats to have a significant Hamilton presence during the "lost season" of 2013, and if Redeemer is not working out for some reason ,then there really is no choice but Mac, is there?

i see traing camp and practise feild being held exactly the way mangagement staff has handled the rest of the off season weird 2013 season details to us supporters.Shut up and sit in the dark till we tell you to speak and just follow us where we lead you.

And it should be any different because? They are under no obligation to divulge any information to us, especially before it is finalized. Going to practice and training camp is free, so you can't use the "I pay for it" excuse. Maybe this is just people complaining for the sake of complaining, but man it gets really tiring.

I'm sure the 17 minute drive from Hamilton to Guelph is not an issue.

Maybe on a clear day and no traffic and drive a Lamborghini! Is that from the outer City sign to the Welcome to Guelph sign! LOL. I sure hope they are able to have camp at Mac as this might be the only time some fans will see them this year!

That was one of the teams taglines…i think it was from Hamilton city limits to U of G. :lol:

Well, whatever works best and whatever can be worked out, I'll say that. I have no knowledge of how things work at Mac or with the Cats, practice doesn't bring in many spectators so it shouldn't disrupt university business or hospital business there much one wouldn't think. And I would think if Mac said practices would do such, then there really is a problem between the Cats and Mac in huge proportions. :?

ur rite blogskee but it seems to be this off season theres no update to us other then ur tickets r up for renewal send us ur money. they had a big party at jarvis street a few weeks ago that was about as inviting as watching the snow melt. No updates of what they plan on doing this year for the fans how have renewed other then a big promise of tier 1 avalability in the new stadium. So why should one care where they hold camp or practises the city councillors and ticat management should stick together there starting to act the same.

I believe Hamilton City limits are near Puslinch, atleast a 30 minute drive from down town

I'd like everybody to treat this lightly and as Cat fans, nobody should get angry with anybody.

It may be a 1.7 second drive from Hamilton to Guelph. When you're driving up #6 at 80 km/h and you cross Maddaugh Road (about halfway between Freelton and Puslinch), you're driving from Hamilton to Guelph by crossing through one small intersection. Guelph was historically the seat of Wellington County. In 1973, the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth replaced what was traditional called Wentworth County. Maddaugh Road itself is the boundary between these counties, so in effect, Hamilton and Guelph are just a couple of communities on the opposite sides of a two-lane country road.

Again, this meant to be humour.

I will never forgive Mac for what they've done, ever!!!

It doesn't matter what the reasons are, they had a chance to help and they didn't.

It will not be forgotten.

How is Mac responsible for helping fix the mistake of others?

Mac was happy to play at IWS when they were in need and one might have assumed reciprocity would have resulted albeit Mac indicated, truthfully?, they could not accomodate the Ticats in time of similar need.

Where the actual truth lies, anyones guess I suppose. My own personal belief, that is known, again though simply my own opinion.

Let's rephrase that first sentence.

Mac was happy to work with the City of Hamilton (which owns IWS) when they were in need.

you can't even get 10,00 fans into Ron Joyce stadium without some MAJOR changes to the area.

But if you would like to blame someone, is guess Mac is as good a target as anyone. :roll:

Well, why did the Ticats even approach Mac in the first place then if it was so apparent something couldn't work there for games? Just wondering. Was it all part of a grand scheme on the part of the Cats to purposely make Mac look like the bad guys?

Earl, there were lots of great reasons for the Ticats and Mac to talk about the 2013 season:

  1. they had an existing relationship, with training camp
  2. it would be convenient for the majority of the Ticat fan base to remain in Hamilton
  3. it would be convenient for the team and its employees to remain in Hamilton
  4. Mr Young likes to support Hamilton institutions, just as his friends Mr Braley and Mr Foxcroft do
  5. Mac could benefit from the publicity and there might have been interesting cross-promotions with the Marauders
  6. the inconveniences associated with the Mac campus would last only one year

Unfortunately, great intentions and goodwill, on both sides, don't always translate into practical outcomes. We have no idea what was discussed during their negotiations. We only know that Mac believed that it wasn't going to work for them, and that Mr Mitchell believed that Mac's withdrawal was rather abrupt. We don't know anything else. To paint either Mac or the Ticats as the bad guy is simply reading too much into the story. Believe it or not, sometimes there is no conspiracy -- just really bad public relations.

Some people on these boards complain that the team keeps people in the dark too much when it comes to major decisions. Judging by some of the reactions to this issue, it's a wonder the team and its business partners don't keep everything secret until the season starts.

Young said the team will hold both their April off-season workouts and spring training camp at McMaster University.

Excellent points HA, excellent read.

Thanks Captain for pointing this out, I don't read the SP as often as I should. Nice words from the Mayor there in Guelph. Also this line from Bob Young towards McMaster:

“We love the university and it's a key component to our community and Hamilton and anything we can do together, we are thrilled to do,? Young said.