Ticats talking to Burlington

I feel bad for Ticats fans... :frowning:


Not surprised... They have a week or two to align themselves with one of communities that will be offered the extra soccer games.

Why do you feel bad for us?

The team will be right next door! Many pro sports teams play in neighbouring communities (i.e. Buffalo Bills, Texas Rangers, etc...). I'm happy they're moving close, so I can still go to games. Best of all, the Cats won't have to deal with Hamilton City Council anymore. :thup:

I suppose Burlington isn't that far (about 20-25 mins according to Google maps), but I'd still be bummed about losing my team. The Ticats have a lot of history in Hamilton.

doesnt have to be permanent. Maybe they will pull a raiders.

The deadline for a major facility (wherever it gets built) is only 35 days away. I just hope they don't rush and make a mistake that will cost the team, the fanbase, and a league as a whole, for decades to come. Judging by how this whole process has gone I'm not exactly overly optimistic

Chief, I think you lost your sense of distance from living in London. Burlington from Hamilton is nothing. Talk to Bomber fans in Brandon or Rider fans in Saskatoon or Stamps/Esks fans in Red Deer about distance. :wink:

A location close to the 403 and a GO station sound great. I've got my fingers crossed for Ticat fans. Hope it all works out.

Given the situation, this is probably the best that Ti-Cat fans can hope for.

I honestly hope this works out with Burlington. Sure there might be some fans from Hamilton that will no longer support the team but I think they will be replaced and in far greater numbers by new fans who wouldn't go see the Cats at IWS because of location.

I'm sure Bob Young would have preferred to keep the Ti-Cats in Hamilton but it appears this is not meant to be and it isn't for lack of trying. Good on Mr. Young for trying to work with Burlington and keep the team basically in the same region. This alternative is much better for Hamilton fans as opposed to seeing the team moved to Quebec City or even worse dismantled totally.

getting out of hamilton, yet being close enough to keep their hamilton title, is the best thing, IMO.

hamilton is the arm-pit of ontario, and noone likes going there, if even only for a 3 hour game.

the ticats will lose some long-time wino's and gain some good, clean fans.

I thought Windsor and Fort Erie were the armpits. Or what that something else? :wink:

But I have to agree somewhat with what you're saying dg. And if the 9000 hockey arena goes through with a major junior team, then you'll have some package deals with a hotel and that.

It isn't far, no, but I'd still be bummed. Let's say for the purpose of discussion that London refused to build the JLC, so the London Knights decided to move to Ingersoll (it's about 36 minutes away). I'd be bummed. They wouldn't really be the London Knights anymore. Not to mention, the Ticats have so much history in Hamilton.

If this is truly the best option for the Ticats, and it's starting to sound like it is, then I say go for it. But it does suck...

See how we Hamiltonians are stereotyped? Thats what we get for helping make Canada the true north strong and free.

Hamilton fans the boycott of the Crappy Football League starts in 2011.

If people won't support their team because they moved a stone's throw away, than how can they consider themselves fans.
That's complete garbage. Anyways, seems like a sensible compromise. The fans still get to watch their team, the ti-cats get a new stadium and perhaps also a chance to enlarge their fan base. Plus they get out of rotten Hamilton, which I guess I putting their aspirations for an NHL team on hold :lol: ...

I don't mind them moving to Burlington in the slightest, what I do mind is them likely being called the Burlington Tiger-Cats.

Hamilton fans the boycott of the Crappy Football League starts in 2011

Gee Mass, doesn't say much about the city of Hamilton if a team in the "Crappy" Football League doesn't want to play there, I mean all the teams must be "crappy" if it's in a league called that and all the cities as well. :cowboy:

Keeping the name Hamilton in the TigerCats if this move happens is maybe much more than I'd be doing.

From what I read, they'd be still referring to themselves as the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

I was thinking of boycotting the Hamilton for treating the TiCats like crap. Then I realized that they take tax money regardless of how bad their product is. Besides, I don't live there anymore, so I guess I've already done pretty much all I can do in terms of boycott. I suppose could vow not to spend another dollar in Hamilton, but it's hard enough to run a business in Hamilton as it is, and the end result of that would be to punish the good folks who try to run businesses Hamilton for somebody else's mistakes, rather than punishing the ones who made the mistake.

The funny thing is that I got into the TiCats mainly because of my attachment to Hamilton. But the stadium debate only served to show me how little the city (the counsellors and the citizens as a whole) actually cares about the team, so now I'm more attached to the TiCats, and pretty much ready to let go of the city. If the TiCats leave, I'll stick with them. It would be the city's loss in my opinion.

....if this move goes ahead the ticats should drop their current name and be renamed the Grrrs...a sound a tiger-cat would make...but even better, the team would then be known as.....wait for it.....

..the Ham-Bur Grrrrs....

...thanks for coming out tonight folks, you guys were great, drive safely...

Well i certainly wouldn't call them the Hamilton Tiger-Cats if Hamilton is the reason they are moving in the first place.