Ticats talkin trade for BC kicker?

[url=http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sports/story.html?id=126a0578-3887-4e25-b8be-d71732978571]http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/ ... 1732978571[/url]

Surplus of kickers means one may end up with the Ticats

The growing number of decent field-goal kickers on the Lions has not escaped the attention of the one CFL team that could use help more than any other.

just as i said before, the cats will pick up pikula soon enough. ( in your face, habfan )

You have to be a subscriber to read the article. Can anyone summarize it?

Sandro Sciorentino isnt much better than Jamie. IMHO.

What about O'Mahony... Winnipeg cut him after failing to show up at camp.. is he looking for work or has he decided to take a leave

I wouldn't consider him an upgrade over Boreham. It wouldn't make sense to make the change just for the sake of making the change.

What about mikey?

Someone on the internet said he is a nice guy.

Mikey is a nice guy but I'll stay with Borham to kick fieldgoals.LOL

I agree!.....I mean, what happens if I missed a field goal or shanked a punt?....I'm afraid I don't have the composure of Boreham and would give the fans the big "salute" real quick!.... :wink:

Seriously, I'd rather run my leg into a circular saw than kick for the Tiger-Cats right now.....it's a dangerous profession! (ask Ozzy and Boreham) :lol:

Thanks for the thought anyhow....I think

On the other hand, you've already got a few of the things required to be the team's kicker - a demonstrated ability to take lots of abuse from fans, and several "Get rid of ..." threads in your honour. :wink:

Can't argue with that :wink: :lol:

Good idea. We trade a guy who is thinking about his game too much, for one who isn't thinking about the game at all. :wink: