TICATS TALK - Bruce Davis , Avon

  1. Does anyone know the extent of Bruce Davis injury ? He looked quite good last week and we need all the help we can get
  2. If Avon get's to play this week against Montreal he will be very motivated to have a huge night sinc eif the Ticats don;t like him maybe another team would ?
  3. Does anyone how things are looking for Thigpen in Miami , Hickman in Indi , Medlock in Carolina, Mcintyre in New York .

Last I heard that Thigpen could get cut as in his tough fighting with Messam and others for a job . Medlock is battling with an incunbant , MCINTYRE seems to have found a home as a bakup linebecker , have not heard how Hickman is doing yet

Hickman: no stats last night, did not see him on the field, not even sure if he dressed

Medlock: has already kicked 48 and 49 yard field goals and is neck and neck with Mare with the Panthers. He may make it as Mare had a bad year last year and Medlock may be a whole lot cheaper

Thigpen: did the kick off returns last game, their forum says he made some mistakes but showed a lot of guts....may not make it as a running back but seems to have a good chance to be the KR

Hickman has been injured and has not yet played in a game.

Medlock has been money.

Thigpen had 3 catches for 40 yards on Friday, but missed the first pre-season game due to injury.

Davis said on Twitter that he will be okay & that it was great being out there. I too was impressed & hope he's ready to go Thursday.

Haven't seen Hickman on the field in either of the Colts' preseason games. Jerrell Freeman seems to be doing quite well with them though. My prediction is he won't be making the Colts' roster but that's not to say he'll be coming back to Hamilton ASAP. I would happily be wrong but I wouldn't count on his return. But he is the most likely returnee from what I can tell.

From what I've read on various Dolphins blog sites, Thiggy is among 4 RB's competing for the 4th string RB spot. He had a Strong performance the other night. Caught 3 passes for 40 yards & returned 3 kicks for 90 yards. He's also getting some press coverage due to his backstory. My prediction is he'll make the PR in Miami.

Haven't watched for McIntyre with the Gotham Tebows. Im not sure if Hamilton even retains his rights or if he'd have any interest in returning to Hamilton. If he's made one PR, then he's in the club & I'm sure would rather bounce around down there for a while at quite the increased pay differential.

Medlock has looked good making all his field goals & PAT's including a 49 yarded. (FG that is, not PAT) I doubt highly we'll see him back this year or at all in the future. He has the pedigree the NFL is looking for & he'll get his chance & stick somewhere if it's not Carolina. Besides, don't think Hamilton would make a major line-up & ratio change to bring in Medlock. Kicking is not exactly our most pressing need. The TiCats are set using NI's at kicker/punter.

Hickman will be back, Thiggy and Medlock will Stick around. i agree medlock will be cheaper so hes a lock i believe, marcus did well on kick returns, and with ochicinco departing in miami there scouting staff know very well marcus can catch the ball, i believe he had 40 yards in recieving last game. he wont be a running back, but they will use him as a 3rd wr if anything mainly kr

On McIntyre, im a Jets fan and it looks like since hes been there hes been making small strides from practice to special teams and this year he even played a little bit with the starting D in pre season. its looking like number 50 will stick and be a rotational lb/de much like cam wake was in miani in his first year

The Dolphins are using Marcus Thigpen as a kick-off returner primarily & as a RB, mainly in 3rd down situations. He is very much like their primary weapon, Reggie Bush, minus the Kardashian & Heisman Trophy! (Whoops ... Reggie don't have either no more) i think he sticks. He's a useful, versatile & valuable commodity.

Jerome Messam presents a greater problem. He's a tweener. The 'Phins aren't sure whether to slot him in as a FB or a RB.
That can work to his benefit or detriment either way. Flexibility or fall through the cracks. We shall see.

"Blitz21" Sorry about your luck being a Jets Fan. TiCats & Jets - Both win their respective championships half a year before training camp begins! (I shouldn't poke fun ... TiCats, Bills, Wpg Jets ... I understand "No Hope"!)

While we are on the subject of Ex-Cats getting their shot in the NFL, I will say this about Stevie Baggs which I know will be very unpopular. I've watched his preseason games & he looks very much like he did last year with Hamilton. He always seems the get into the camera shot after someone else has made the tackle. He's always glides right in making it look like he was in on the play but it's actually always someone else making the play. I'm sure he's a great teammate, a great locker room guy, perhaps a great PR guy to run the opposition defenses in practice. But I'm sure glad he's not with the TiCats this year. I think he was overrated to begin with & he lost a step last year in Hamilton. Perhaps the smaller field, predictable play & slower NFL game suits him better anyways.