Ticats take Gnahoua first in CFL European draft

Selected 1st in the recent Euro draft
Valentin Gnahoua, looks pretty good in his hi lite vids
If this Euro thread has already been started, I’m sorry I missed it.
He looks like he could play in our league


I know it’s a highlight reel and so showcases the best but he does have some moves, has lateral quickness (for the league in which these shots were taken), and seems to be able to adjust quickly.

Can’t believe they wasted a first round on him he was still would have been there second round. Should have taken------first round or traded up to take-------.
Seriously , we euro-botched the draft.

Well according to the highlight video--------is a beast.

Apparently the Cats have signed many beasts this off-season.

Hopefully these are elite beasts instead of mediocre beasts like last year. ;D

Sorry. I forgot. ?