Ticats/Taaffe articles in today's papers

Lots of good stuff today for your morning coffee reading :

Here's a bunch for starters:

Taaffe takes Ticats top job .....Hamilton Spectator ( features one "Balsam Avenue North Bengal Bunker" and eleven "I thinks"s)

First Year Coaches have good record for Ticats .....Hamilton Spectator

A New Beginning .....Hamilton Spectator

Charles in charge .....Hamilton Spectator

Taaffe to kick Argo's asses all over the field in 2007 because the Argos really need an ass-kicking .....Toronto Star :wink:

Bonus Article:

$75 million TSN/CFL deal .....Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Mikey ;
My coffee wasn't large enough to last reading all those stories.

I always go big! :wink:

Thanks for the links Mikey.
Great piece by Steve Milton as usual.
And "Youngsters" beats out all the "bench boss" "Bengals bunker" crap from the other articles.

The one point that I welcomed from every article is that Charie Taaffe is a disciplinarian. Discipline is one of the things that this team needs.

My biggest joy reading these articles is the thought of TSN /CTV televising the playoffs and Grey Cup!!!!! :cowboy:

Yes Beam, my thoughts exactly. :thup:

No kidding...I've always liked Chris Cuthbert..hopefully he will keep the job!

And "Way To Go" Mikey...posting those links is great for us guys outside the City! :thup:

Death to the CBC would no be no CFL and no Hockey.
They Can't Air Farce and DR Who All Day
It Can't come Soon Enought for me..
I Personally think the CBC is Compleet waist of Tax Payer money.
Getting back on Topic Mikey nice Job :thup:
These where all Great Reads..:thup:

Although I am hardly in the "Death to CBC" camp, I relish the opportunity to hear Chris Cuthbert call a Grey Cup final again...he's flat-out the best Canadian football play-by-play guy for me since Pat Marsden at CTV.

Oski Wee Wee,

P.S. Thanks to Mikey for the links -- I will have to put a pot of coffee on later to compensate for reading them straight through without aid of caffeine this morning! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Mikey, thanks for your thorough "review of the literature". I am absolutely thrilled that, at last, we have Charlie Taaffe locked up as the next Head Coach of the Tiger-Cats. He will do whatever he needs to do to get this team rolling again. His track record of Quarterback development and successful, balanced offense are exactly what this team needs. Throw in his reputation as a disciplinarian, and I see nothing but good for my beloved Tiger-Cats in 2007. I love the way Bob Young solves problems: he tries one thing, then finds another if Plan "A" fails. Now, it appears that we have the right people in place, and the job can begin anew, with good prospects for success. The Argoes can start painting the Home locker room in Black and Gold for the Grey Cup. I hope Charlie at least considers Deke McPhee for a spot on his staff. Good News Day in Tigertown!

the best part about Peters' article was when it was over and I didn't have to read anymore of it

cbc is garbage, at least we wont have to deal with their annoying commercials, boring traditions, etc. Even HNIC is gay these days with all these specials they do with minor hockey, and don cherry is the biggest freak of them all with his metrosexual suits and high collars.

Nice to have the links Mikey.Some good insight by Milton.
Thanks again.
Donna :slight_smile:

Great to have Taaffe on board, real excited about the progress this team will make in 2007. However, I don't think this team is playoff ready until we get more talent in the locker room.

Also, there are more thrills to come. Can't wait to see who Taaffe hires as his coordinators.

Just dont come last and you have a chance.

Thanks for those links, mikey.
That all makes for good reading.

Two good points...
One..We now have Taaffe secured as Head Coach. That has to mean good discipline for the team. It is sorely needed.

Two...The intoxicating thought that CBC is losing out on the games. The joyful thought of not having to listen to Walby...priceless!

(idawg23) the best part about Peters' article was when it was over and I didn't have to read anymore of it
I feel the same way about your post!

Gee everyone, I just posted the links because I was trying to delay making all my daughters their lunches this morning....and I get "kudos" for that?....cool!..it was a diversion tactic for myself from hauling out all the sandwich stuff in all honesty.... :lol:

Now, when I finally get back to writing my own newspaper column myself again,(I'm on a one year, self imposed break) I will then EXPECT kudos from you silly nuts!

:P :cowboy: