Ticats/Taaffe articles....Day Two

It's Saturday! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of reading today!.......two coffees required!

Here we go! :cowboy:

Taaffe to run Ticats Offense...Hamilton Spectator

Taaffe to restore Pride...Hamilton Spectator

Maas the Man for Taaffe...as long as he stays healthy...Hamilton Spectator

Ticats cleaning house...Hamilton Spectator

Argos will get asses kicked by Ticats :lol: ....Toronto Star :thdn:

Bonus Story:

The Twelve Days of Christmas..A Hamilton Story

Part One <-----click that for story

Thanks for the links, Mikey. May I make one request? If it's possible, could you include the article's author in your post? That way we don't have to waste time opening up a Ken Peter's ramble.

Again Mikey nice work
Things will slow down now Till Feb.
when new Coaches and Head man take over the offices at the Stadium…

"Or, generally, better all-round athletes on defence, so maybe you could have a guy who can play defence work in at tight end too."

'Bout. Frickin'. Time.

I think Taaffe knows exactly what this team's strength is, and is already planning ahead. He knows we have a trio of RBs that can take it to the house. It will be interesting to see how things finish off.

Best line ever.

Taaffe: Bob , will you still like me if we don't have a winning season next year?

Bob: Of course I will , and I'll miss you.

gotta love it. :smiley: