Ticats suck badly with Dane Evans and Mathew Shiltz

During the off season the Ticats need to make some changes for 2023 season. Dane Evans is the worst QB in the CFL. If in any doubt, just look at his stats! He got to go, even Farjardo is a better upgrade. Upgrade to the offensive line, receivers and defensive backs also needed. Since Banks left there is no deep threat receivers that can go deep. Orlondo Steinauer also should go as head coach. I think he is washed out as a coach. Ticats is moving backward with Orlondo. If they want to win the Grey Cup some changes must be made. If you watch the game against Montreal you can see that the team is suck so bad under Dane Evans and Shiltz. Obviously Orlondo doesn't see that and keeps on playing Evans. Montreal is not a good team like Winnipeg and yet they lost 2 games to Montreal during the regular season and now the semi final. Look at BC Lions or Winnipeg. They have really good quarter backs, offensive line, receivers, defensive line and defensive backs.

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but worse with Evans

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