Ticats still pursuing Glenn

I'm tempted to say Montreal. The Als have six QBs on their roster, but the most experienced back-up is Brad Banks now that Brady has retired. Brady is going to be around as receivers coach, but if he is not taking reps in practice it seems unlikely that he could jump in as starter if AC is injured. If Popp wants a relatively young and proven QB behind AC, then why not make an offer to Glenn? They still have ways to keep Leak and McPherson around for development.

If I'm right, this might explain why the decision is taking time. Let's say the papers are right and Glenn was tempted to sign with the Cats just because of its proximity to Detroit. Then Montreal offers you the same gig: a back-up role while the team develops a rookie. As a free agent, where would you rather sign? And where would you get the best chance to be a starter again?

Another possibility is Edmonton. They only have Ray and Maas on the roster right now, and they have been going after experienced free agents this winter.

Desperation? --phhft. As blackandgld already noted, "desperate" would have been trading for him. Obie probably lowballed the first offer thinking the Ticats were the only buyer. Of course he would raise the stakes if another team wanted Glenn. But I'll bet Obie has a top figure in mind and is still within it.

Quiet frankly, I'm beginning to think that if Glen becomes this big of a deal when/if he signs here, it will also provide a QB controversey with some people saying he should start and some people thinking Porter should start. :expressionless:

Porter should start lol. then Glenn 2nd IF he signs.

Porter is the future of the Ti-Cats but we still need Glenn incase Porter gets the sophomore jinx. Glen will also provide vet guidance and has already said that tutoring Porter is something he is interested in. He wants to coach after his playing career is over so it would be good practice for him.

I really hope the Cats get him for real. Like it or not.. we need him in the Hammer in 09. Whatever capacity he may end up serving. His skills automatically deepen the O's bag of tricks.

It's Porter's until he loses it, but I would not be surprised if he loses it 3-5 games in. He's still a rookie but he will likely be our guy this year or next...

the ticats should show clips from the movie 'PAYBACK' on the jumbotron this year...Porter is one tough son of a gun..haha

Sure Glenn did some pretty good work for the Bombers, but with a young team that proved to play more consistent under the arm of Porter, the Cats should be leaning on someone in order to build up the team. It has proved in the past with players such as Mass and Printers, that bringing in an experienced QB hasn't always worked out. Porter may have only a couple games under his belt but he did prove himself to stand up to any kind of crap. Especially with the game against BC taking 10 or more sacks due to the lack of defense. Porter has the support of the coaching staff and under the direction of Khari Jones, I think will help this team be successful. :smiley:

It sure is fun to watch him play, and he's easy to cheer for. He's such a likable guy. Good head on his shoulders. Very good. :thup:

Porter's the man, he's got a powerful/accurate arm, he's tough, he's smart and he's got a former QB great to coach him along the way. He did great things with the O-line letting him down, I'd love to see what he can do if they hold up properly this season.

Glenn has good experience and is a team player. Plus, he can throw a very accurate bomb. I hate the Bombers, and feared Glenn whenever he threw deep against us because, more often than not, it went to the house.

He would be a good addition in Hamilton. With Glenn at #2, the offence wouldn't slow down if Porter got injured.

According to a source the ticats and Glenn are close to reaching a deal. It will be announced as soon as tommorrow.


According to a source of a source Glen is within a hair of signing and it could be Ham. :oops: :oops:

And why does this embarass you? (I'm not trying to be too personal, or anything.)

I just cant hold back my excitement. :smiley:

I am up in the air about this, is he coming to be #1 or to just help out?

He's coming to be our #2 QB. He's going to backup Porter during the 2009 season.

Until Porter falters

And considering he has only played a few games in the CFL, we can count on him faltering. But he won't break. In the meantime, I like the thought of having a guy like Glenn ready to come in... And if Glenn takes over the No. 1 position at some point, that's fine. But make no mistake, barring some unfortunate incident, Porter is the QB of the future.

LMFAO? Porter came in and instantly did what Printers or Maas never could. Be a consistantly good QB. If you'd watch his highlights before opening your mouth you wouldn't have said he's for sure going to fail. He's good, the team loves him now and everyone knows he has what it takes. If you don't believe me watch the game where he gets sacked 10x and get's back up or wpg at ham sept. 19th 08 where he's pushed into the game because of yet another Casey Printers injury and makes an amazing debut. Or maybe the oct 4th game against Montreal where he beat out Calvillo for offensive player of the week honours with 4 TD passes and over 400 yards passing. Or maybe you'd like to check out some of his passes during the ham at ssk game. Don't talk unless you know what your saying please, thx.

Bit of a stretch there. The jury is still out on that. He's a kid and he still has a long way to go. I like most of what I've seen so far, but don't annoint him the second coming just yet.