Ticats still pursuing Glenn

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good. I hope he accepts, then we'd have fantastic depth at QB. Likely 09 depth chart at QB: Starter- Quinton Porter Backup- Kevin Glenn 3rd- Adam Trafalis Practice roster: Josh Betts, Erik Meyer Richie Williams- Released and hopefully picked up by another team, I'd hate to see such a good guy get dumped on like that.

is he really going to sign with the Tiger cats?

It's a decent possibility, I think there's only one other team interested but Glenn is taking a lifetime deciding what he wants to do. Doesn't really matter tho, As Khari Jones said himself we already have pretty good depth at QB and Porter should take the starting position this season.

Why don't you read all the other threads about Kevin Glenn in which you've asked the same question?

Hey all you ticat fans, report out of Winnipeg this morning obie making Glenn 2nd offer, so like him or not he'll becoming to a neighbourhood near you, obie must be getting desperate now, making higher offer.


If true, that's great. We need a veteran in a stable of young quarterbacks.

I'll bet the other team is the blue team. Probably not even interested in him, just trying to put the screws to us.

Wouldnt put too much stock in any rumour originating in WPG. For the last two months they have been highly innaccurate or flat out untrue.

Lol just because he made a higher offer doesn't mean Glenn will sign here. Apparently there's another team interested also so we won't know for sure until Glenn FINALLY makes up his mind. Hope he signs here tho, he'd be a fantastic backup to Porter.

Yes, wanting to secure the services of a relatively young, veteran quarterback to back up and mentor our young stable of quarterbacks, not to mention providing a capable quarterback in case something happens to the starter. Yes, why would Obie ever want one of those? You are right, he is desperate! What is he thinking!?

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If Glenn decides to come here, I would not be surprised to see him as a starter. I'm impressed with Porter, but I'm not sure he's quite ready to start every game. I would love it if he is, but between injury and rookie mistakes, I would not be surprised to see us going to Glenn at some point in the season. And, I would be much happier having a guy like Glenn step into the starter's role than Tafralis, Williams or one of the new guys. But I do believe the future is Porter and Tafralis or one of the new QBs they are bringing into camp.

anyone think the other team is the riders?
them and the ticats are the only teams without a proven number 1 QB.
they might want glenn as a backup for durant, incase durant can't carry the load.

Getting Murphed twice by TO would be hard on old Obie. This could the second time the Boatmen and Glen have suckered Hamilton. Is he worth it NO.

No lol Ken Miller stated a couple days ago that they have no interest in Glenn

Sask to far from Timmie's.

Even if Obie was/is desperate Glen could be cut at any time and he would be off the books.
Desperate would have been giving in to Winnipeg and their silly demands.

can someone please keep me updated?

Toronto. SSK has pretty much ruled out Glenn and they also have alot on their plate right now.

Obie has or has been given a budget and he has a figure in mind for Glenn. Offer, counter-offer they're still trying to get at that magic figure.

but adam rita has already said the argos are not interested...so if people here are ignoring that, then we should ignore that the riders have said they are not interested.