Ticats still have a (slim) chance to make the playoffs - 3DownNation

It's not over till the fat Ticat lady sings!!!??

Or a 10 year old anthem singer?

The problem is that to get a playoff spot they will need second place and right now the Argos/Als have 3 wins. You have to hope that the other 3 teams have losing records for the remainder of the season.

The Ticats would need to go at least 7 - 4 through the remaining games and hope that the Als with 11 games remaining, go no better than 3 - 8 and the Argos with 10 games left would need to split and finish with 4 - 4 and the Ticats would have to win the series with the Argos. :-\
The Ticats have 2 more games against the Argos, 2 against the Als and 3 more games against Ottawa
I would say there is a ZERO possibility of making the playoffs.

Where are all those posters who like to believe that "The season starts on Labour Day?" They've been quite quiet lately.

Very quiet speechless??

  1. Now slimjim, you are a very smart man with that prediction :wink:
    I agree with you fully !! :slight_smile: