Ticats STH black points card

Has anyone had issues with this card and the concession employees having no idea what they are? It seems like a 50/50 shot maybe less on when you hand them the card and them knowing what to do with it. I just want to collect my "yards/points" and they have no clue. I emailed the customer service but I havent had a reply yet but i did just send it on friday.

Yep. They don't know what they're for. Now, admittedly neither did I....haha

We were supposed to get them as part of our STH package I guess.. and since we have 5 tickets on 1 account, we only got one card. How does that make any sense?

I have one. I took advantage of that Halfback Option promo they had last year and got my sister to buy a pair of season tickets. They took half of what she spent and put it on the card to be used on concessions and merchandise. Most of the employees that I've dealt with were familiar with how to use it. I've only encountered one person who didn't.

Used mine as well for merchandise. No problems. Plus used the STH card and got 10% discount.

1 card per account not per seat just break it into 2 and 3 with one of your crew

do you have money on the card ? cause you only gain Yards by using it to pay for things

Begs the question... what's the difference? We have a group of 5. It was an issue when I went ot buy my jersey on my birthday (33% discount). I didn't have a black card, and they told me only 1 of the 5 STH gets the discount on a jersey.. yet if we were all on our own accounts.. we would all get the discount.

Break it into 5 singles then :slight_smile: :rockin:

Sounds easy, they charge you a admin fee to split them and any old pricing you have gets moved to the newest and most expensive price.

I never got mine. I did get around to asking about it either.

Does th discount apply to stadium concessions? I've been totally forgetting I have the card.

I do not have money on it, but I have paid with cash and had someone who knew what it was scan the card and I have received the "yards" for it.