Ticats' Steinauer extremely proud of team's grit

HAMILTON —  Falling to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 108th Grey Cup, a disappointed mood was shared amongst the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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Steinauer should take full responsibility for the loss. Giving up a single point on a kickoff with less than 3 mins to go to make it three point game?

That comes down to coaching.


He looked pretty choked up in the post game interview. One wonders if we've seen the last of him in Canada, if that job offer comes through it'll be hard to turn down. Classy guy, all the best.

I too wondered about giving up that single point toward the end of the game - but that is what makes the game interesting. My question is - will the Tiger Cat organization make coaching changes over the off season? This is a tough question to answer - they have a winning record and have got to the Grey Cup twice in the last two seasons - but they lost both times due to what I call the lack of a game plan. Their defense is great, but the offense is where they get into trouble because they are predictable and whio is to blame for that?

Steinauer's game plan centred around stopping our running game and forcing us to lean on Collaros a bit too heavily in those windy conditions. It was the right strategy to exploit our MVP's ONE glaring weakness.

Collaros is a touch passer in the Tom Clements mold and into the wind he had to keep his passes pointed straight down the field. Anything thrown at an angle drifted waaaaay off course. All your DB's had to do was ball hawk in the middle of the field at close and medium range. I'm surprised that they didn't get MORE than two interceptions. If we had Matt Dunnigan or Dieter Brock blasting those poor pigskins into low Earth orbit the wind wouldn't have mattered so much.

As it was, your club executed a near perfect game strategy that was thwarted by only a couple of bad decisions. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I totally agree you have to play the game to Win. In addition on their first and goal they handed off to Don Jackson :question:

P.S. The Cats secondary broke down in the 4th frame & Overtime. A good team should not blow a 22-10 lead with 10 minutes left in the final frame :roll_eyes:

Agree they totally fell apart. Ti-Cats will suffer more than just losing their coach they will see many retirements and defections to other teams. Next few year's will be lean in the Hammer!