TiCats @ Stamps GDT

Russ if you are here, jump in!

Kickoff in less than an hour

TiCats wearing White Jerseys and White pants

Overcast, chance of some rain

Here is our depth Chart

Inactives: Evans (38), Williams (53)

Well here we go. Hoping that the "curse" of not winning in Calgary is ended tonight but at the very least that they can keep the game close.

Thanks Grover!

We can do this. Let's go Cat's

Stuck on radio duty today. Only watching this game through the power of imagination....

They love to emphasize the Ticats lack of success in Calgary and that of course BLM has never lost to them. There's ALWAYS a first time!

Not liking the soft zone defence...

Ummm, how about a stop! :o

So much for bringing pressure! :frowning:

Ugly start for the defence.

Got one - Thanks to the goal post! ;D

whew lucky break

If they're going to play man then they better not give the receivers so much room to catch the ball. Most were wide open on that drive.

Drew Edwards?Verified account
3m3 minutes ago
#Ticats have added Left Upright to their neg list.

Our top defender so far!

Nasty start by the D. Hope the O can walk down the field like they did to us

Great D by the post.

Thanks for the reminder tsn...


Edit: I'm watching espn2 but gave TSN the credit for that bummer reminder

Secondary not looking too good. . .