Ticats/Stampeders Postgame thread

did they forget a punt through the endzone counts for a single point ?

and a single point would have given us a tie, and a chance for the win

blame setta and porter all you want, that decision cost us


I just remember, second time this kind of a decision has been made, when setta could have kicked for a single


you do know that on 3rd down , the punt would have to be 75 yards to reach the goal line.

You're not thinking very hard are you? :smiley:

When are you suggesting that punt? On 3rd & 25 from our own 48? That would be a 62 yd.kick just to reach the goal line!

Stala could have punted through the endzone on the run for a single. Or a quick-kick.

Poor coaching in not being able to handle the blitz in the 4th quarter, however...

I place the blame for this loss squarely on the shoulders of the OC.
How many defensive formations do you have to look at before you figure out
oh yea maybe because they've got 10 men crowding the line of scrimage it's ok to go to the hot route. ????????????
I'm not getting it.

Agreed. A sack was exactly what Stamps needed. Did we not learn that lesson in Toronto four days after Labour Day? We kept getting blitzed and could not adapt.

Stella couldn't hit the broad side of a fricken barn!

GREAT CALL sigpig! I think that would have worked!!!

I dont have to type my game thoughts. You did.
Thank you.

no sigpig
Stala would have to have kicked it 45 yards to reach the goal line..the goal line.
.....while he was running. honest to god :roll:

Without Porter’s scrambling (that Glenn can’t duplicate) would they even be within a fieldgoal? Dont dislike Glenn but to think Glenn could have managed something when Cal. shut down Cobb and stacking the line?

Don’t know why people think a Setta single would be automatic. There’s been nothing automatic about him for months. Punt or placekick.

Not being able to spring Cobb in second half was the diff.

BINGO. We faced that look all night. We didn't adjust.

No imagination, no adjustment. Gibson has been a disappointment all year. Geez, GLEN SUITOR was seeing the middle of the field open for short routes the whole second half and was repeatedly saying the Cats have to go there. Gibson didn't see it.

Calgary loaded up the line of scrimmage the whole second half. No fear, no respect for this offense. The Cats are one dimensional and Calgary knows it. They brought the house every play in the second half. You do that once in a while, ok, but do it every down and you're going to get picked apart - unless you're playing the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

What NAB06 said. :thup:

This is my thread for the night. LMAO

I am proud of the Cats and the great leaps and bounds of improvement they have made over last year........BUT, I think they have stuck with fumble fingers Porter long enough. They have a good enough team to win NOW, now just rebuilding and "developing" Porter. Sure keep him around and let him fill in as the backup, but they have a PROVEN QB in Glenn. Give him the knod. He won't make the dumb rookie-like mistakes Porter always seems to make when it counts against us the most, like tonight letting himself be sacked and taking us out of fieldgoal range. Its not like Calgary hadn't run the same defenceive package against them for the last 20 plays or something. That was just plain dumb on his part. Anyways, games over. Go Cats Go

Mike Gibson is just another in the long list of poor excuses for OCs that this team has had over the last decade.