Ticats Staff Members

I know the players get lots of props and accolades but I just wanted to give a quick pat on the back to two members of tigertown that might not get all the attention and thank yous that they deserve.

First, Id like to thank Mr. Will Kay for all the help hes been. The level of service this guy provides is far and beyond anything required and hes made being a season ticket holder very easy to do. If the service wasn't as phenomenal as it is, Im not sure we would have upgraded from the endzone to platinum's. Whether I call him on the phone or meet him in person, he always knows me and my father by name and that goes along way, especially with my dad! lol One time we even forgot our tickets in brantford and only realized until we were parking at the stadium. We knew where Will usually stood at that time, called him over through the fence and he had replacement tickets printed for us probably within 5 minutes.

Secondly, Im not quite sure of her name, but I checked out the staff page on ticats.ca and I will go out on a limb and say that the woman Im talking about might be one...Denise Bradshaw? If anyone from the team reads this, she was the only one in the store wednesday when I was there from about 5:30 - 6. I left at closing, and only came in somewhere from 5:30 - 5:45 but boy did I ever have a lot of questions lol. This woman had an answer for me for any question I could come up with as far as merchandise (past present and future) and the level of customer service she provided was also top notch and made it easy for me to get what I wanted. Hell, lol...I only headed in there to get a hat and maybe a pair of sunglasses and ended up walking out with a jersey as well.

So a big THANK YOU to you two, you both deserve a pat on the back! If there was some sort of service award or something, you two would for sure be recipients!

I have always had great experiences with all of the staff that I have dealt with all the way back to Ryan. I have had several reps over the years and every single one of them has always gone above and beyond to help me. There have been a few mistakes made, but they have always been acknowledged and rectified very quickly and with little to no work on my part. Alex is my rep now and he has been just as great as all of the others. They all do a great job!

I'll third that. Both over the phone and at the Tiger-Town store, I've always received great service. They've been helpful and accommodating even when I've done some pretty stupid things (like forgetting my tickets in Kingston :oops: ).

Man I can't say enough about the Tigertown Store and the excellent customer service I have recieved. Maurice Grant is my ticket rep, and he has done a fantastic job. Awesome guy with a great personality. Class act all the way.

I agree with the original poster and even created a thread like this myself last year. Denise Bradshaw is an absolute pleasure to deal with and goes above and beyond to see to it each customer is well served. Her product knowledge is well beyond reproach, and she knows a wealth of trivia when it comes to our beloved Cats.

If the staff at the store get an award, then my vote would certainly go to Denise.

Should have started this thread myself. Appreciative dittos.

I’ll gladly jump on this band wagon.

Last year I found myself in a bit of a pickle (self-inflicted) with out of town guests, not being able to get their tickets, and the account reps took care of everything. Service above and beyond the standard level.

If Denise is the lady working the store yesterday then all the compliments so far are warranted. Great product knowledge, knows the computer system, great fan of the team and league.

Whoever does the hiring for the TiCats deserves credit too.

Denise is awesome, when I worked with her back in the day @ Jackson's Square, she knew every single Season Ticket Holder and what seat they sat in.

Kudo's to her. She is truly 1 of the best and has been through the good bad and ugly with the Ti-Cats.

Count me in with the kudo's.
I have dealt with the Tigertown store several times for tickets (I live out of town) and merchandise. Each time the staff at the store has been extremely friendly and helpful.
Nice to see things being run so well. Thanks folks. :thup:

Alex Indelicato is my Ticket rep he great guy
he been very helpful with spreading out payments every year. :thup:

Denise and Maurice are absolutely outstanding. Let me also add that even on a recent occasion when I was on the phone with another rep. though I was somewhat perturbed over my own misinterpretation of something, the rep. Scott was very professional and courteous. Even Jim Edmands responded to me within minutes of an email which was tremendous. I highly doubt another team in another sport would get that kind of customer service.

Enjoyed today as well picking up the season tickets. Looked like a good crowd to me, neat event.

Bob Young has brought a strong customer service ethos to the organization from Day One. In that regards, the TiCat front office is second to none in the CFL.

I would argue they are second to none in the world of professional sports, nevermind the CFL.

And while shopping at the TigerTown Store did you know I've meet Dave Stala twice, and Kevin Glenn. Because the offices are upstairs Denise told me it isn't uncommon to see players in the store. What other league can boast that?


With all the talk lately about what a great football operation Bob has built I want to remind everyone it starts right from the ground up. Was at the TigerTown store today, and once again it was nice to see Denise.

Which brings me to my point. Anyone that hasn't been in awhile get your a$$es down there! There is alot of new stuff! I scored a sweet vintage logo hoodie. Scored a pink and white TiCat hoodie for my daughter and a vintage logo zip up for my wife. There's alot of new stuff, too much too mention here. I highly recommend to see it all for yourself!

I personally love anything with the old logo, but to each their own.