Ticats stadium business case focuses on location

Bob was being very nice asking for a facilitator, he was doing Mayor Fred and city a favour, really. Fred, right now the TigerCats are you're best bet, if I'm looking for a hockey game or concert with Copps compared with JLC, London is where I'm going my man, get it Fred?

If you check out the Winnipeg forum they have pictures of the stadium they would like to build if you build something like that people will come and it won't matter where you build it. If you build something like BMO field like Mr.Young wants I doubt you are going to attract anymore fans than you already have. Mr. Young made a lot of mistakes when he bought this team and he's making them now. Ithink Scott Mitchell should do all the talking for the Tiger Cats maybe Earl and Ronfromtigertown could help but Mr. Young this guy is all over the map.

From wikipedia

On January 31, 2008, the Pennsylvania Governor unveiled

a combined soccer stadium and economic revitalization package

for the city of Chester

[i]Delaware County will own the land and the stadium itself,

while the team will own the naming rights
based on their approval of a 30-year lease.[/i]

So the Tiger Cats should be able to buy the naming rights
to the stadium from the City if they agree to a long term lease,

then, resell them for more money to one of their sponsors.

The City Staff report to City Council uses $5 million dollars
as their naming rights fee at the Rheem factory site

and they planned on keeping it all themselves!

Most of the stadium's funding
comes from the usual sources.

$25 million was allocated for the construction
of PPL Park by the state of Pennsylvania.

$30 million dollars, Delaware County's share
will be paid by the newly formed

Delaware County Sports Authority

through taxes from Harrah's Chester
Harness Racing track and casino.

but $80 million dollars will be
DONATED by private investors.

I find that amazing!

Somebody prove to me
that this is not correct,

it's hard to believe that people would donate
that much with no financial gain in mind.

We, in Hamilton quibble about a $2.00 ticket surcharge.

What a gift horse! Hamilton should be so lucky.

Their stadium seats 18,500 for soccer and 26,000 for concerts.

The Tiger Cats can only dream of having
all the amenities that PPL Park will have.

30 luxury suites,

a full-service restaurant,

a built-in concert stage,

and sideline roofs designed to
protect fans from the elements.

[approximately 60% of the venue's spectators will still be able to view
the Commodore Barry Bridge and the Delaware River from their seats.]

PPL Park's concessions, catering, and ticket sales will be managed

by the Philadelphia-based Comcast Spectacor company.

Did the team's ownership group sell them rights
to the concessions and catering or did the county?

Obviously the team's owners get the ticket revenue
they just pay that company look after things.

The Panasonic Corporation are one of the stadium's major sponsors

and will be the provider of broadcast and T.V.production systems,

[ Ticats have the equipment, so the could produce soccer broadcasts.]

large-screen LED displays, security systems, and point-of-sale systems.

and Pennsylvania will invest an additional
$7 million towards a two-phase project

composed of 186 townhouses, 25 apartments,

335,000 square feet of office space,

a 200,000-square-foot convention center,

more than 20,000 square feet of retail space,

and a parking structure to house 1,350 cars.

In phase two, another 200 apartments will be built,

along with 100,000 square feet of office space

and 22,000 square feet of retail space.

Good read ron. ballboy, you have to remember Caretaker is an Internet software guy, he's on a different planet so to speak and yet is grounded with his roots here in Hamilton and love the TigerCats as such. We should be so lucky. Of course he will be all over the map so to speak, but don't let that fool you, yes, he's made mistakes with running the team and he's indicated this publicly. But he's getting better as well, and getting better with the media. Part of dealing publicly with the media is like football strategy, you keep em guessing and them bango bingo bongo, you eventually take it in for the td - or you get stopped in your tracks. Right now we are still in the guessing game, and the media knows this only too well. :wink:

I absolutey love caretaker as the owner of our beloved Tabbies, and wouldn't have anyone else. I've never had so much fun at Cats's games because of the gameday expeience he has been able to create.

But surely you don't blame mayor Fred for the team's absolutely abysmal record under careatker's ownership. That might have a tad to do with the attendnace, or lack of.

True enough Captain, Mayor Fred can't be associated with anything to do with the team's record although my guess is the Mayor couldn't care less about the team's record either. Just a guess.

Huh? Who blamed Mayor Fred for "the team's absolutely abysmal record under caretaker's ownership?" Mayor Fred doesn't have anything to do with attendance at IWS. I doubt that he knows anything about football for that matter. He's already proven he knows nothing about marketing strategies as well.

Mayor Fred is being blamed for stirring the proverbial pot by not listening to Messrs. Young and Mitchell from the outset
in terms of a lucrative stadium site for both sides. In Fred's words, "Full Speed Ahead!"

I was addressing your words (quoted below) about the responsibility for the team's finances, and I thought that caretaker deserves some of the blame for the inadequate attendance because of the poor football team he's given us for most of his ownership. I'm sure he would too.

Ironically, Mayor Fred does attend TiCats games on a regular basis. He is often seated a few rows in front of me in Box C. Whether they are his season tickets or the City's (interesting to find out) I don't know but he seems to be there pretty well every game.

Which makes his earlier "take it or leave it" stance with the TiCats as tenants a bit odd.

Of the 2 sides, I place more of the blame for this mess on the City in it's blindly driven agenda to go the West Harbour without really studying any alternatives.

Land remediation, helping the downtown, etc are fine but much of those goals are based on wishful thinking and not hard (business) realities or facts.

Both the TiCats and the cycling community have commented on stating months ago their objections or concerns with the West Harbour, only to be ignored by the City.

Re roads and access.

I've made the point before that the (City's) left hand doesn't know what the right is doing re traffic planning. While some say there is little problem with traffic flow, major north-south routes have been removed (James and John), York is soon to go 2 way and there's talk of changing Main and King, now adept at good traffic flow, only to be perhaps "sabotaged" to slow down traffic and make them more "pedestrian friendly". And who knows what other streets are to be changed (planners pattern and thinking would be to 2 way, not conducive to easier flow).

That will really help with traffic flow around (into and out of) the West Harbour... NOT!

Wow, I agree with each and every word. STRONGLY AGREE

All very good points. Well reasoned and thought out.

Even though I hope your wrong with some of them, it's refereshing to read a well considered and well presented and respectful counter argument.

That is as accurate a portrayal of what has happened
as I have heard or seen written anywhere, longtimetcfan. :rockin:

Re roads and access.

We 'locals' won't have any one way streets
except Burlington St. to move quickly along.

People from the mountain, the
South East and the West End.

Is there a City Hall staffer with balls who can give us the truth.

The city has been pushing everything to the west harbour for years, blindly.

They want to tear down housing north and west from James and Cannon and put in shops and Condos, they want to put a horticultural garden down there (originally slated for McQueston SP park) hows that working out. Now the stadium. Someone please, whats the truth and who is running this backwater place.

Who's running "the show" at Hamilton City Hall? Good question. Yikes! :o :o :o


I was addressing your words (quoted below) about the responsibility for the team's finances, and I thought that caretaker deserves some of the blame for the inadequate attendance because of the poor football team he's given us for most of his ownership. I'm sure he would too.

My apologies for misunderstanding you, Cap'n. Bob Young indeed, must take on "some" of the responsibility for the team's financial losses.

No apologies necessary.

Good clear communication and elaboration with courtesy and respsect is what was done here. That's all good. :thup:

You guys aren't going to believe this.
I've been reading these articles written by some dude (for the Globe and Mail) who's embarked on a big baseball road trip - touring many of the MLB stadia and writing a review.

This one really cracks me up.

Now get this. In this review of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, he claims to love everything about the park, but doesn't like that it's in the middle of nowhere! Can he be serious? People love parking lots, don't they?

Get your boots on, because he really starts shovelling the cow pies. Despite that he's on a road trip, he openly laments about the stadium not being accessible by any public transportation!! Who the hell cares about public transportation if you can get there with highways!?! Plus, these dolts in Kansas City have really sold themselves short by naming the place after some guy, rather some corporation. Based on what I've read here about naming rights, companys should be on their hands and knees, chequebooks on-the-ready, when a stadium has highway visibility.

The nerve of this guy...this is isn't the first time he's spoken ill about non-central stadiums, either. Hard to believe they'd even print that kind of nonsense.

I suggest that this fella check the attendance, he'll see that the fans are flocking to "The K" to cheer on the loveable Royals...err, wait. Nevermind.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/baseball/stealing-home/theyre-real-and-theyre-spectacular/article1579351/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/b ... le1579351/[/url]

Too funny, spend loads of cash and burn loads of fuel to attend a sporting event and then say the stadium doesn't have good public transportation? A joke maybe? :o

Sorry slodrive but IMO, your sarcasm falls short and you're comparing apples to oranges :slight_smile:

Trying to equate the Kauffman Stadium in Kansas to suggested sites in Hamilton doesn't wash.

Sites like Chedoke and Centennial Pkwy are hardly out in the boonies like the Kansas situation (Kansas looking larger and sprawling further). If you were talking stadium locales like north Flamborough (Rockton, etc) or Caledonia, you might have scored a hit but not with sites easily within west or east Hamilton proper, on major highways and on existing (easily enhanced) bus routes.

re naming rights... perhaps the "major" highway in Kansas is not so "major" vs other transportation routes. (per Google maps, Hwy 70 is the closest but not knowing commuting/travel patterns there, who knows how busy it is vs others???) Is it like the Hwy 401 or more like Hwy 404, or even the 403 towards Brantford here (re traffic volume)?

No telling what naming rights would draw on the QEW or (heavily traveled) series 400 highway but I get your point.

Unfortunately, there are too many unresearched unknowns but having the stadium in a landlocked (not easily viewed) location would certainly seem to kill naming rights potential.

But I'm no expert so what do I know :?

Agreed, LTF: A landlocked stadium would almost certainly negate financial investments for naming rights. If said
stadium has great visibility, (and I don't mean highway signs pointing in its general direction) the naming rights monies
will flow.

I would hope that the mayor and councilors are starting to get this picture.

I continue to prefer the sites on the escarpment, anywhere between Stoney creek and Ancaster.
As mentioned here many times, (with much opposition) mt first choice would be the airport lands.

Most folks that oppose it say it is too far out of town, but they should take a second look. The drive
from this area to Upper James and Rymal Road is less than 5 minutes. These lands are wide open and
ready for development. Its a safe bet that they are also uncontaminated.