TiCats @ SSK GDT - WEEK #4

When you can get a 1st down in 2 yards before the goal line, I kind of question the decision to throw.

But hey, we got 3 points.


Bridge to Nowhere on that play.

Unamba is fast becoming one of my favourite Cats. . .

Good pressure by the line. Good stop boys

Absolutely!! Pressure on Bridge meant that he was rushing the throw and not accurate. Can't imagine that Watford would do any better - but we may see that yet. The leash on Bridge is short - so I hear!

Mine too!

White pushed back on that run but Masoli runs it out for the FD!
And from the shadow of their goal posts they've run it - or Masoli has - up to almost the 40!

I wonder why they don’t cover Banks?

Expecting him to just go deep rather than curling back?

I did not like that throw under pressure. Got away with it, though.

Maybe they just can't keep up! ;D

A bit frustrating, 4-0 lead when it should be 14-0.

Gotta finish drives guys. TD's not missed FG's

A lot frustrating >:(

Not feeling good about the inability to capitalize in the red zone.

So far they're winning the time of possession - especially having to start so deep in their own end. Got it into FG range but Hajrullahu has one of his rare misses. :frowning:

Didn't predict a high scoring game but a TD next time would be nice!

Their D is gonna be worn out by the 3rd if we keep eating up time on O like that.

The hook already?

First quarter for Cats offence: 5 throws, 10 runs.

Four players with a carry, only one with a catch.