Ticats spending and the CAP

I am happy about the moves the cats have made but it always seems they stay way under the cap .

It appeared that this team was already under the cap before they got rid of Arland Bruce and Maurice Mann and Otis Floyd .

Then they turn around and let go of Glenn, Coburne , ( Medlock , Rottier , Jiminez, Hickman and Thgpen)

The total salary there would be around 900 K plus Bruce , Mann = 1.15 Million

They really have no high priced receivers other than Fantuz and there is certainly no high priced DB's )

I am certain all 3 linebackers are being paid above average salaries

So we bring in Burris for big bucks and Mallet for around 100 K and FANTUZ for 180 K .and we brought in EIBEN.

these replacements amount to around 700 K ...Moat of these are estimates and we have replace these players with warm bodies but I still think this team never spends to the cap likely because of lack of revenue and attendance

Why else would we let an all-star receiever and fan favorite in Bruce and Baggs go nothing and not ensure we sign an almost perfect kicker in medlock when we had the chance

Well I see that only eating up Glenn, Coburne , Medlock , Rottier and jiminez's salaries...

So i don't see the need to dump Baggs Salary unless you are going to spend it on something else of quality ?

My calculations say they must have a good chunk of money to spend to reach the CAP...Cortez salary does not count towards the cap .

They signed Peach... Also Ticats pretty much always have two HC on the payroll. This year they have The Marcel and pretty serious money to Cortez.

Teams have only a $300K range for player salaries, with min and max at $4.0 and $4.3 million this year, respectively. It would be interesting to know where in that range every team is, but except when teams go over, it seems that that information is kept between the teams and the league. It's really hard to gauge the ups and downs with all the comings and goings the last year or so. A few high salaries gone, balanced against a few new ones - I've lost track.

Yes they signed PEACH but the coaches salaries though large does not count against the CAP

They are in huge need of DLINEMEN ..I hope ROSE is coming back ..and I hope Giguere is coming to the cats this year too ...

word has it they have signed another gig time receiver out of college ..JOE COLLINS

According to former Ticats and now Argos receiver Maurice Mann, the Ticats have signed receiver Joe Collins.

@Maurice_Mann: Another SEASiDE Product signed up for the CFL #Hamilton watch out for #JOE_COLLINS #GAMETIME

Seaside is the area in California where Mann is from. While I don't doubt the veracity of Mann's information, be aware that American free agent players are often signed to contracts in the off-season but then released before training camp starts. The team is still holding free agent camps - including in Buffalo last Friday - so there will a slew of roster changes before June. The team usually doesn't announce these signings until just before camp.

Nonetheless, here's some information on Collins from fantasy site KFFL.

Weber State WR Joe Collins measured 6-foot 1/4, 186 pounds at his Pro Day Friday, March 4, reports Gil Brandt, of NFL.com. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.55 seconds and 4.59 seconds, the short shuttle in 4.59 seconds and the three-cone drill 7.18 seconds. He measured a 10-foot broad jump, a 31 1/2-inch vertical jump and completed 15 repetitions on the 225-pound bench press.

How do any of us know what they spend in relation to the cap?

We don't but when I see 10 guys go with similar money and 5 guys come back at that type of money i can do the math that they are not spending as much as they used to

We don't but when I see 10 guys go with similar money and 5 guys come back at that type of money i can do the math that they are not spending as much as they used to

It's March. They're not done yet.

$4.4M divided by 46 players equals about $95.6K per player average.

Minimum wage is $45K

Burris $400K plus Fantuz at $180K is $580K
$4.4M minus $580K is $3.82M

$3.82M divided by 44 players is $86,800 average for the rest of the team.

The numbers can add up quick

Mallet $100K
Our 3 linebackers must make good money
Marwan all would be above average

The first time we're serious contenders in September but we're all banged to hell, that cap room (if it's real) will be the best thing that's ever happened to this team.

Its too bad that there's no CFL equivalent to http://capgeek.com/.

When you calculate the average CFL player salary,you have to devide the max.cap by more than 46 or active players; hence, players on 1 game injury list along with players on practice rosters have to be added/taken into consideration; for theses reasons,the max. cap has to be devided by 53 players,since it is the average number of players a team has during a season.-Excluded are players on 9 game injury list.-When the League pays the teams/allocate sums to Teams for post season compensation, the amount is based on 53 players; for instance, BC received $22,800 X 53 players or $1,208,400.00,Winnipeg received $14,800 X 53 players or $784,400,etc,.

For 2012 the maximum team salary is/will be:$4,350,000.00; the minimum: $4,000,000.00

For 2012 the minimum player salary will be $44,000.00 rather than $45,000.00


Richard thankyou for trying to clarify that, but I think that I am now more confused by it now than before.
However I did not know that there was a minimum Cap.

:thup: :thup: Cap space equals flexibility.The Steelers,lately,have been dropping veteran contracts while Big Ben and Casey Hampton have re-worked their contracts in order to create cap room to sign players like Mike Wallace. The Steelers are trying to get younger and cheaper, just as the Cats are. Moving players out when their best years are behind them is part of the business of the "Capologist". For an example of a team that has not learned these lessons, see the Redskins. In Obie we trust!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Isn't it interesting how the St Louis Blues are on top of the NHL standings and are 23rd in spending to the cap, and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th highest spenders are fighting for a playoff spot.


NHL works in cycles. You can get up there with youth but to keep the guys once the team is at the top is expensive. With the diluted product in the NHL guys are playing way beyond their prime. Footbal turnover is much higher.