Ticats Signings Thread

The TiCats signed two new Americans, on this first day of June, and extended, or perhaps just re-worked, the contract of DL Dylan Wynn.

The newcomers are Cameron "Cam" Phillips, a 25 yr.old 6' 202 lb WR from Virginia Tech. Undrafted in '1`8, Cam has since spent some time with the NFL Bills and Panthers, without seeing game action, and did play for June Jones' Houston Roughnecks in the 2020 XFL, where he was the team's, and the league's, top receiver with 31 catches for 456 yds in its 5 games. And, Brad Stewart Jr., a 6'1" 195 lb. DB who played 4 years ('17 - '20) for the Gators in Florida at S, CB, and the hybrid LB/DB position they call Star.
Source: cfl.ca/transactions
|2021-06-01|HAM|PHILLIPS, Cameron|WR|A|Virginia Tech|Add To|Active Roster
|2021-06-01|HAM|STEWART JR, Brad|DB|A|Florida|Add To|Active Roster|
|2021-06-01|HAM|WYNN, Dylan|DL|A|Oregon State|Add To|Active Roster|
|2021-06-01|HAM|WYNN, Dylan|DL|A|Oregon State|Delete From Active|Free Agent|


Two more signings? what is it now 117 ?
A lot of cuts before August 5th

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The roster trimming has begun:
Source: cfl.ca/transactions

|2021-06-08|HAM|SIMMONS, Austin|QB|A|South Dakota|Delete From Active|Free Agent|
|2021-06-08|HAM|LEWIS, Kahlil|WR|A|Cincinnati|Delete From Active|Free Agent|
|2021-06-08|HAM|BURSE, Isaiah|WR|N|Fresno State|Delete From Active|Free Agent|

Simmons was signed by the club in January of this year, Lewis in December 2020, and Burse in January 2020.


A little more roster activity from the TiCats, today -- registering 2 "retirements" and the signing of an American kicker who went undrafted, in '16, after his college career at Teas A & M, where he started as a KO specialist and finshed out kicking FG's of up to 55 yds. In the years since, he's spent time with 5 different NFL teams and the Salt Lake AAF team without, to my knowledge, ever kicking in a regular season pro game.

|2021-06-14|HAM|BRYANT, Brandon|DB|A|Mississippi State|Transfer To|Retired|
|2021-06-14|HAM|LAWLEY, Sheriden|DL|N|UBC|Transfer To|Retired|
|2021-06-14|HAM|BERTOLET, Taylor|K|A|Texas A&M|Add To|Active Roster|

Source: cfl.ca/transactions


On the day the 14-game schedule was released, the Tiger-Cats registered, as signed, a 6'2" 285 lb. American OL, from Nashville, TN. Source: cxfl.ca/transactions

2021-06-15 HAM FISHER, Jaelin OL A Charlotte Add To Active Roster

Fisher played LT in his first year at Charlotte, but moved inside to play as his team's starting C (18 - '20).


It looks like Condell was a major influence behind picking Burt first overall.

I wonder who was behind picking Chapman first overall ?

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Intrigued by this signing. Could be huge if he plays anywhere near the level he did in the XFL where he was the most productive receiver in the entire league earning star of the week honors three times in the five week season.

Will be interesting to see what he can do on a larger CFL field.
Has the potential to be the biggest new player acquisition as he will no doubt be motivated seeing as most thought he was a shoe-in for an NFL roster spot this coming season


I honestly think it was HC June Jones that wanted him
To be fair they drafted OL Darius Ciraco 5 picks later


It's becoming obvious that "retirement" is the route to follow in trimming down CFL rosters. Our Tiger-Cats have registered 3 more:

|2021-06-18|HAM|ZAMORT, Ron|DB|N|Western Michigan|Transfer To|Retired|
|2021-06-18|HAM|KOROL, Lukas|LB|N|Guelph|Transfer To|Retired|
|2021-06-18|HAM|VAN PELT, Joel|DL|N|Calgary|Transfer To|Retired|
Source: cfl.ca/transactions

Interesting that in that 2018 draft, there were SEVEN O-linemen picked in the first round and the seven O-linemen became starters while the other 2 picks - Chapman never played and the other Laurent, who was on the RBs practice roster and released in 2020

Also interesting that #2 overall OL Trey Rutherford retired to become a Policeman after his second season in MTL

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Laurent got chosen in the first round Number one by BC, he was a Canadian out of Georgia State with great expectations. But released by BC picked up by Ottawa then released by Ottawa.

My guess is that some of these players will magically un- retire once the team has had a chance to do a quick evaluation of the guys they’ve brought to camp. Players above have all at least been on the practice roster from my recollection and the team would already have a pretty good idea of how they stack up against the rookies. There will probably some quick whittling down of the 100 guys in the first few days, then I could see some of the others coming back to replace them. Hamilton has always waited right to the last minute to announce their final cuts and they will likely hold onto as many guys as they can until then.

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You mean June Jones had a receiver 6 foot and 200+ lbs....WHAT

IMHO, he didn't care what size you were, he just cared if you were FAST.

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Quick Question. Being a 1st year season ticket holder. Why do CFL teams have like 120 players signed. I know they like to bring in alot of players for camp but why sign them in the off-season and then release them before camp even begins. Also with i think someone said above 117 players at camp is that because of covid?

Unless you have a veteran with a signing bonus, most players do not get paid until they play the first week of the season. The CFL has nothing to lose to sign as many guys as possible in the off season to try and get them to come to camp. This year , because of Covid, each camp will have only 100 players to start, so each team will have to make some cuts before July 10th. One strategy seems to be putting players on the "retired" list. Some of these "retired" players might ,all of a sudden, become unretired before August 5th.


Some players may also choose not to report because they've found other opportunities (not necessarily football) & decide that there's more security with them than in coming to Canada.

The first full day of Summer '21 sees the number of Tiger-Cats at 113 with the signing of 2 more Americans: Source: cfl.ca/transactions

|2021-06-21|HAM|AUTRY, Lee|DL|A|Mississippi State|Add To|Active Roster|
|2021-06-21|HAM|COLE, Reginald|DB|A|Mary Hardin-Baylor|Add To|Active Roster|

Autry, 6'2" and 305 lbs. hails from North Carolina. After playing DT in college, he spent some time last year with the NFL Bears, Chargers and Raiders.

Cole, also 6'2," weighs 186 and finished up his college career at U. Mary Hardin-Baylor, in Texas, as a starting CB, after playing some at WR and also LB.