Ticats Signings Thread

Along with Whitford, all not signed, as yet, the Cats drafted global players Chris Mulumba, a DL from Finland who played at U. Colorado, David Izinyon, a LB from Great Britain, who's played at home, in Germany, in Finland, and in Poland, and a German kicker, Dominik Eberle, who played 4 years at Utah State. He's spent time, over the past 12 months, with the NFL Raiders and, in January, signed a reserve/ future deal with the Las Vegas team.

I see the club has, now, updated the roster, on ticats.ca, to include the three players -- Butler, Ferraro and Green -- signed during the past three weeks. It now includes 105 players and that number is almost certain to grow by three, when the club's, currently available, global draftees -- Mulumba, Izinyon, and Eberle -- are signed.

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I am Finnish on my mother's side. I wonder if we are related?

Gotta be worth a free ticket?:wink:

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cfl.ca/transactions shows the Cats have, this week, signed 2 of their global draftees and released LB Joe Powell who was on the roster for a year, but never got to The Hammer:

2021-04-22 HAM WHITFORD, Joel P N Washington Add From Draft Active Roster
2021-04-22 HAM POWELL, Joe LB A Delete From Active Free Agent

2021-04-20 HAM IZINYON, David LB N Add From Draft Active Rostee

Powell, spent time in the NFL with the New York Giants (2016) and Buffalo Bills (2016-17). Most recently, he played five games in the XFL with the St. Louis BattleHawks, last year, after suiting up with the AAF’s Birmingham Iron in 2019. He was signed by the TiCats, a year ago.

2021-04-27 HAM VORNKAHL, Travis OL A West Texas A&M Add To Active Roster
2021-04-27 HAM MULUMBA, Chris DL N Colorado Add From Draft Active Roster

cfl.ca/transactions shows the TiCats have signed their second pick in this year's Global Draft, DLChris Mulumba from Finland, who payed at U.Colorado and AM OL Travis Vornkahl, a 6'6", 298 lb., 25 year-old Texan who finished his college career at West Texas A & M, in 2018, playing RT. He spent 6 months with the NFL Colts, last off season.

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I'm also Finnish on my mother's side. Mom was born in Turku. Maybe we brothers, brother :slight_smile:


Sorry her dad was born in Finland; she was born in Sudbury. I don't think she ever made it across the pond.

Here's a story my father told me when he worked at Inco in Sudbury, Ontario.

My dad would have a drink after work at a local bar in the flour mill area that a lot of miners would frequent. He met a guy from Finland there. My Dad asked him which mine he worked in.

The Finnish guy said "Fucking bridge".
My dad says he was perplexed by his response and asked him "Where is the bridge you are working at?".
The Fin kept saying "Fucking Bridge, Fucking Bridge!"
My dad says "What?".
The Finnish guy's buddy said "He means 'FALCONBRIDGE".
Everybody in the bar laughed. My dad thought that was a funny moment he had working in the mines.

True story

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Thanks so much Dave. My Grandfather was a miner for INCO. Who knows, he may have frequented that same bar. After all truth is stranger than fiction. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care.

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The TiCats have added a 7th QB, signing 24 year-old, 6'1", 218. lb. J'Mar Smith, from Mississippi, who was named Conference USA's Offensive Player of the Year for his senior year (2019) play at Louisiana Tech. Undrafted, J'Mar spent some off season time with the New England Patriots and, also, had a tryout with the Packers. His father, Kenny, was a DL who played 15 games with the Saints. Source: cfl.ca/transations

2021-05-03 HAM SMITH, J'Mar QB A Louisiana Tech Add To Active Roster

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“Da girls are out to bingo, and the boys are getting stinko,
We’ll think no more of Inco, on a Sudbury Saturday night”


The Chapman lesson has been learned. Burt is signed. Source: cfl.ca/transactions

2021-05-05 HAM BURT, Jake TE N Add From Draft Active Roster


OC Tommy Condell has big plans for Burt

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I quickly read that as "imaginary" and thought, I could have sworn this guy was for real.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That's one thing about Burke & Allemang...I have confidence that they learn from their mistakes.

Personally, I have some reservations about using the first overall pick on what is going to be largely a situational player. Did they really think he wouldn't be there at #9, or even #18?


[quote="Count_Floyd1, post:643, topic:69176"]
... I have some reservations about using the first overall pick on what is going to be largely a situational player. .... [/quote]

I expect that Burt may, fairly quickly, become our new, heavier, yet faster, and more versatile, Andy Fantuz.


I hope you're right. Admittedly, I know next to nothing about Jake Burt, but we have gone away from the Fantuz/Stala/Tasker type of possession receiver over the last couple of years.

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Here's a good article by Justin Dunk (See? I can give credit when it's due). It seems like Jake Burt actually WANTS to play here, and had already signed his contract before the "official" announcement: Ticats stealthy shipped team apparel and signed first overall pick, TE Jake Burt prior to CFL Draft | 3DownNation
Other takeaways:

  1. His experience playing TE with the Patriots, even if he was only on the practice squad, is invaluable for his development. I can't remember the last time a player with a year of professional football under his belt was "drafted".
  2. He already understands that he's a professional football player - he states that that's his job and what will put food on the table. While he would have loved to play for the Riders, he understands (at least a little bit) the "business" of the sport.
  3. He says he's willing to do whatever it takes to HELP THE TEAM. That's pure gold in my books.