Ticats Signings Thread

Great news about Davis signing. Wow made my day . Van Zeyl and Revenberg signings was great news as well..I think the caretaker will be willing to go over the cap this year to increase the chances of the ticats getting into this years grey cup in the hammer
I pray now that we have a season..with basketball and NFL allowing lime 6 ,000 plus fans that bodes well for Hamilton to do the same
We still need to sign Simoni and Masoli as 2 top priorities
2knd level is Ciraco, larry dean, levels and brooks
3rd tier is filer , Rico, frankie W

I doubt they sign Posey with the return of Bralon Addison.

Lets hope the CFL bhas a season
Montreal will be our toughest competition with stanback back in the backfield with Vernon Adams .

The western crossover team is always a concern likely Edmonton or BC..

I hate the crossover rule ..east should play west in the grey cup.
Hurry up Halifax or even Quebec City..they support Laval very well.

The NFL has allowed Zero and up to 30% of fans depending on the State. So Buffalo was allowed 7000 last week (10%), and Dallas let 30,000 in for their last game ( 30%). In terms of seats , (I think the common area general standing endzones wouldn't be allowed) that would mean between 2300 fans at 10% or 6000 fans at 25% capacity. Health Canada has been way more strict with public gatherings then the US, so it can't really be compared. If enough people are vaccinated and infections are way down by Labour Day we might be discussing fans. Of course I'm only guessing and it seems each Province is going at it's own speed ( I'm talking to you Alberta).
I just hope all these signings mean a season that will start in June even without fans. After we add a couple more pieces ( a veteran kicker for example) we look like we could dominate again.

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Has anyone seen or heard from our unknown Commissioner????
Maybe he is a bit bagged right now!


He's at home watching this website 24/7.

Great response Giasone . I forgot about our lack of a kicker with Lirum signing a futures contract with. Carolina and our elite UCLA draft pick JJ Molson signing in the NFL to the Green Bay Packers practice squad.
I know ex Calgary Dinosaur star place kicker Niko Difante was shockingly not drafted in the CFL draft. His rights were picked up by the Argos after the draft though but I am sure he can be had for a low price. For Punter , we could always try to sign ex Australian Rules Football player and ex Ticat in Josh Barrel as he is a Free Agent at age 35 .

Lots of kickers out there wandering the NFL plains looking to find a home - Castillo, Hajrallahu, Molson, Brett Lauther. I’m sure more than one will make their way back. We do have one American kicker under contract at the moment.

Also great news re. Ja’Gared Davis. Made a huge difference to our pass rush in 2019. No doubt more to come in the next few weeks

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I wonder if he's the answer. He's been under contract for a while. Our scouts and Special Teams coach seem to know what they're doing.

Old enough to remember when Jamie Boreham was the next Ozzie, had the job locked form for the next 15 years or so.

If not Ozzie at least Bernie Ruoff, anyone know what Bernie is up to nowadays?

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A new episode (#4) of "Guess that TiCat" has appeared on the ticats.ca main page, featuring 10 players, 5 of whom are some of the biggest names among the team's remaining pending free agents -- Masoli, Lawrence, Murray, Ciraco and Filer. Would the club request the participation of those particular players on this, at this time, and would those players be keen to participate, if they haven't already agreed to, yet unannounced, contract extensions or expect to over the next 3 weeks? Just wondering, and looking for good signs, while also realizing that the entire video quiz series may have been recorded some time ago, before pending free agency became a major topic of discussion, here.


We need these American kickers out of the NCAA, seems they can do the long kickoffs that go through the end zone and seldom returned.............

Unfortunately we can’t afford to split kicking duties three ways in the CFL with the limited rosters. Agree there are lots of guys like this in NCAA but can they kick field goals at 80-90% accuracy? We’ve lucked out with the kicker turnover the last few years (Medlock, Castillo, Maher, Hajrallahu) so let’s hope we can keep this going. I wouldn’t mind Lirim back or even Castillo or Lauther.

Or we could be back in the days of Luca Congi or heaven forbid Sandro DeAngelis.

All that Ticats TV and You Tube video type stuff was filmed a few months ago. I think in the summer as the footage is the same (Rico Murray's kids for example). I think they just filmed as many future segment ideas as they could when they had each player on the "line" knowing they would have to roll out content during this super long off season. Now would they stop using the segments filmed with players who eventually don't sign? Probably, but until then I don't think it is a 100% guarantee Masoli ( for example) will sign with the cats just because they are still using his segments.

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It is only 65 yards from the goal line to the kickoff point (35-yard line) in the NCAA. That plus the fact that end zones are only 10 yards deep any kick that travels 70 yards is not likely to be returned. Looking at Lirim Hajrallahu's average at Western in 2013-14 his kickoffs were an average of 61.56 yards.


Nothing is guaranteed but logic does suggest highlighting players in the off-season probably, perhaps , maybe means that our guys are returning to finish the job . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (older than dirt)

Today, Ciraco:


Massive signing!!!!!!

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I feel like the club has given us a Christmas Advent Calendar, only with football players instead of chocolates under the paper doors. Today's opening reveals one of my favourites. Who's waiting under the next door? Mike Filer? And could Masoli be waiting beneath the final double-sized Christmas Eve door?


With all the daily re-signings going on in the CFL, Hamilton and Winnipeg have been quite active and have re-signed many of their key players. My present favorites to compete for the 2021 Grey Cup are these 2 teams.

My team, the Alouettes, are definitely not at the same level as the Tiger-Cats, unfortunately.



I cancelled my season tickets in section 104 and previously box J after 22 years. After traveling all over southern Ontario for many years to attend games and fighting traffic. Time to sit back and watch on TV and attend a few games each year if there is a season.

The CFLs biggest competition.....father time.

Not directed at you at all, but if the CFL doesn't figure out how to appeal to younger demographics it won't survive. Plain and simple.