Ticats Sign WRs David Ball, Airese Currie & LaShaun Ward

to Be announced tomorrow Reported by CHCH Ken Welch
Great Signing ..Depth to our WR core was Montreal Practice Roster Last year

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ikey0GSEYA http://nfl.fanhouse.com/players/david-ball/8525

Free agent WR David Ball, whose 58 receiving touchdowns while at New Hampshire broke Jerry Rice’s NCAA record of 50, has sparkled the past two practices.

Well that's a way to get back at the Als for the Giffen signing :lol:

Just Spoke to Fourmer Ticats Scout ..Via Chat on Facebook
Told me Ball Runs Great Routes not real fast but Strong Kid who make great Slot WR

Thanks for posting this, Tom. It would be good to hear about this being official, unlike that last time we thought we had him. You can click here to view that thread started when we thought Ball signed.

Ya I remember posting on this guy ... did not like fact he can't stretch the Field
But after speaking to our former Scout .. He is a good signing

Drew Edwards' article in The Hamilton Spectator today reports that the Ticats have signed receivers LeShaun Ward, David Ball and Airese Currie.

Here is the link to the article:


There is this Ben Cahoon guy that can't stretch the field but runs the best routes and has the best hands in the league...

Exactly. People who focus only on speed stats don't understand football at all.

Thanks for the link to the topic, BobYoungFan. Zenstate had a link to David Ball's Profile even back then.

That profile on ticats.ca now includes the hopeful words 'Signed as a Free Agent on April 9, 2009' down near the bottom... Stay tuned TODAY I guess.

Oskee wee wee

Obviously a receiver with speed better have all the other skills, too.

Obie says he wants more speed in his receiving corps
and I think he understands football a bit, zenstate.

Speed is held in high regard by football personnel people
when looking at receivers, also d-backs and ball carriers.


Speed was once called the only athletic skill that you can't teach.

Nowadays if an athlete has some speed it can be improved.

I saw Ball play a couple ties when I was living in Philly...he is not fast, but I NEVER saw him drop a ball that he could get his hands on, during pre-game or during the game...looks like his hands are made of Stick-em (ah, the good old Fred Biletnikoff days!!). He does run REAL nice and precise routes and is always open.

Seeing as we are building speed in the receiving corps, I like the fact that we are adding a reciever like Ball...I think the Cahoon comparison is a good one.

Currrie is Speedy guy.. He played for Bears
Airese Currie was drafted by Chicago in the fifth round of the 2005 NFL draft and won a track title at Clemson with a 10.29 in the 100-metre dash.

Cahooooooooooooooooooooooooooon :thup:

The receiving corps definitely needed improving so hopefully someone in this trio provides it.

I thought the skill you can't teach is smart? At least by the time a player reaches the professional level anyway.

One of my pet peeves is signing announcements excluding the player's where abouts last year.

It doesn’t matter how fast you run if you can’t run a crisp or proper route, track a ball, or catch. Speed isn’t everything.

Look Curry was BC Practice Roster in 2007

Great uplift for both sides of the ball the past 2 days (no pun intended), great signings Obie :thup:

Onknight have you ever seen any of these WR's play?

Have you ever seen David Ball play? look him up on youtube