Ticats sign WR Jequez Ezzard; release QB N'Kosi Perry

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Tuesday they have signed American receiver Jequez Ezzard.

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Thanks for stopping by, N’Kosi Perry. I trust you’ll cherish the memories of your time as a Tiger-Cat.

Well at least he got a game cheque out of the deal and didn’t have to do much of anything to earn it .

This release tells me one of two possible scenarios might happen . The team is going to activate Bo Levi early off of the 6 gm IL or Newman is going to be activated off of the Suspended list .

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I suppose you are correct. What’s the over/under on when the Taylor Powell era begins?

Well that could possibly happen if they somehow manage to find a way to lose their next two games against the RB’s and the Elkimos to start the season at 0-5 .

I’m not sure what the Cats are up to. Do they really need another WR? Right now, (I think) they need a strong dose of spirit and toughness - they have good players who are capable of winning - so why aren’t they? I think the coaching staff needs a serious look and a kick in the pants - they are now 4 games into this season and they look like they have no idea of how to get their first win. No one can blame BLM for this situation - no team has ever had a saviour - now the real test for the Cats is before them with BLM being hurt. So who is left to blame. As a fan of close to 75 years, I want this team to be in the Grey Cup - surely every Hamilton fan has the same goal for this year - why didn’t the management know this, with the GC game being played in Tiger Town this year? Where’s the spirit?

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