Ticats sign two

From the Ticats this morning:

[i]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import linebacker Tim Goodwell and import defensive lineman Alex Morrow.

Goodwell, a 6-2, 234-pound native of Houston, Texas played five regular season games and one playoff game with the B.C. Lions after signing with the Lions in 2007. Prior to joining the CFL, the Memphis product spent the 2006 season on the practice roster of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers.

Morrow, a 6-6, 270-pound native of Rohnert Park, California attended training camp with the NFL’s New York Giants in 2008 after a four-year collegiate career at USC. [/i]

Thnx, Drew.

How many linemen does that make on the roster now?
Can't say the O/D lines arent being adressed.

Nice signings by Obie. Fill up the training camp roster with LB's and D-Lineman and hopefully we'll find some diamonds in the rough.

The defensive side of the ball is getting bodies but will those bodies turn into something good? We just have to wait and see.

The last couple years we have tried to plug in people on the d line espcially and it hasn't worked out. I still see the dline as our biggest weakness and hopefully we have something in camp that will help us out.

We really only need 2 more guys on our starting DL, as Guillory will fill a DE spot and Adams will fill a DT spot. So we need another starting DE and another Starting DT then backups. As for LB, I'd say we have all the depth we need now. And atm we're working on trying to sign a safety that played a couple years in Hawaii. A few more defensive and offensive signings and this team SHOULD be ready for TC.

I was expecting more receivers to be invited to camp. Still a while to go before camp however.

As for MLBs there are lots around, good one's not so many. :wink:


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I’m not only enjoying your blog, but your news updates on here are awesome!

There is something about this Alex Morrow I get a really good feeling about... 6'6", 270lbs. Defensive Tackle material and only a year older than myself(He just turned 23 years old) with 4 years at USC under his belt and a Giants training camp...

Great signings for OBIE, keep up the good work!

Also Thanks Drew for the up to the minute information you have been giving us since day one you took over..

Does any know if the S from Hawaii Jacob Patek has signed yet? On the article it said he was thrilled to attend the camp in Dallas and was blown away by the cats offering him a 2 year deal. According to the report he did accept and will attend camp in June to play OLB for us. But Drew Edwards and the Ticats website say otherwise, no info at all besides on the Honalulu news thing.

Drew Your doing a great Job as New Beat guy .
Congrats ... How is Kenny I miss the guy ..

That sounds about right. The focus so far this off-season seems to have been the offensive and defensive lines, and understandably so. Those were weaknesses that needed to be addressed. We seem to have quantity at those positions, but will we have quality? It would be good to have a rookie of the year candidate there somewhere.

And you can click here to view that article on the Honolulu Advertiser on Patek that has "Patek has two-year deal with CFL team" as its headline. I wouldn't have known about that article had it not been for that post on The Scratching Post. I would like to hear more about what will happen next with Patek, and I know where to go to get information on what'll happen next as it happens. (Thanks, Drew.)

Great Scout team work by the TiCats, Patek fell thru the nfl system cracks, (gaping holes?) by going back to school, great find by the ticats, Jacob Patek Greets Steve Wichman - YouTube

Morrow must have showed a lot of potential when trying out.

Ken Welsh described him as a back up DE in college football.

His college career stats...

Played four seasons (2004-07) at USC…played in 29 games
…recorded 14 tackles, two tackles for a loss and one sack.

Here is another vid of him. He is doing drills in this one and looks like he would make a perfect OLB in the CFL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nepQdeS ... re=related

I hope we pick up this Jacob Patek kid too, in his drills video he has extremely quick feet!

Any relation to Andy Petek? lol