Ticats Sign Three

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats bolstered their defensive backfield today announcing that the team has signed import defensive backs Dennis Mitchell, Bo Smith and Matt Griebel.

Found this article on Mitchell from the CFL site

Should we wash our hands of Dwight Anderson, and let our GM bring in his own DBs?
Let Anderson get his fresh start elsewhere.

Looks like a good start for Obie!

great news we announced a signing without it being leaked.

Agree. And the mere fact he made BC as a rookie makes him better than about 90% of our secondary last season.
And sounds like he's usefull on STs too.

lol didnt all these guys been released by B.C?

Yeah, but BC is the kind of organization where even some of their cuts are solid players. If Obie likes them, they must be doing something right.

According to Mr. Wilson, that Dennis Mitchell is a real Menace.......

These DB's are nice but I Want see some of our Vets Resigned.

Where Armors and Beveridge news Deals !!
These are Nice young Kids They have Signed.
They been to camp and play a few games
That makes still Rookies in my Eyes.
We need Vets.

Rookies alone can not Turn us Around

Much like BC getting rid of McKay and Armour in years past because they continue to bring in talent and depth. On top of that, 4 of the 5 West Div. Allstar DB positions were BC players so........

Sorry there is a difference in signing quality guys off free agents then signing guys why didnt even make the team and were let go!

You aren't making any sense. Seeing how BC has had repeated success in finding players, does it not make sense that they know how to find players. And seeing how that guy is our GM and with the DB position filled with all stars in BC that these players actually might be pretty good as well?

Dennis Mitchell, hmmm, Mitchell... that was the sir name of "Dennis the Menace" I believe.

Just thinking out loud.

Complaining about Obie adressing an area the team desperately needs improving in?

Tsk, agendas.

Yes we need new Blood But this Team Has to keep it vets We had Youngest Team in The CFL last year.

It does make sense that they did not make the B.C team! And then you say they are good enough for us.

we need to resign bradley!

I'm glad we signed these players. Signing them doesn't mean they will make the team. It does mean we'll have good competition at the DB position, and that is bound to make us better.

Speaking of DBs, I really liked the Spec piece about Sandy Beveridge. I hope he stays here. He may not be a starter (though I tend to agree with him that he has done well when given a shot at it), but he's a solid player, and the attitude he displays in that article is fantastic. If we had more guys like that we'd be in great shape.

I'm another Sandy Beveridge fan; he's a hard hitter a la Hitch. I believe he would be a quality starting safety if we ever settled on the 4 DBs in front of him
and let them all get familiarized with each other.

Thanks for getting my bad joke jlshooter!!!!