Ticats! Sign the next kicker the B.C lions let go!

As history tells us, one of the best ever Tiger-cat kickers Ozzy went through two cfl teams before being let go by B.C!We picked him up and the rest is history!B.Cs main Kicker is returning soon and they are ready to release one of their two big kickers!Dont think twice Ticats pick em up and sign them!Boreham cant destroy our season that much longer!

Lets sign the kids mother that won the million bucks last year for kicking that 50 yarder.

It was a male that won one million dollars, not a female...

Tsk, tsk... haven't you realized that facts are not required on this site? :wink:

Lets sign Noel Prefontaines sisters hairdresser.

I prefer facts, though they are clearly not required

the cats can sign me ta miss all these short field goals if they want.

Hello!I guess its true when they say stupid is what stupid does!The B.C lions are about to release a kicker very soon!

Good point! since there was no other place kicker at camp this spring, its time to look at other kickers that can kick under pressure consistently not just in practice :roll:

Man, can I ever drive a golf ball at the range, nice and straight and long. But once on the course, oh well, that's why they call me Mr. 100.