Ticats Sign Stevie Baggs

Ticats have come to terms with Stevie Baggs. This is huge news if and when it becomes official. Already posted on Sportsnet.

I wanna be pumped but sports net isn't the best source lol

BIg news indeed. . . but I'll hold off on any excitement. .. given the Foley fiasco, I'll wait until a contract is signed and it is officially announced. . .and here's the link:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2010/09/15/ticats_sign_baggs/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ign_baggs/[/url]

How do you feel about TSN?


a lot better lol
and they just put that up there because I looked right after I saw this thread and it wasn't there.

Guess Obie had to do something to keep pace with the Argos. Great signing. Obie got himself an instant starter who will help immediately.

An Argo-Cat fan

Great signing in my opinion!!

Mine too. :thup: I think this just may be the start. I'll bet there will be a few more too.

Awesome indeed !!!

happy now, armchair?...lol
guess Obie knows what he's doing.

does this mean the cats are 'over the cap'?.... :lol:

I actually pumped my fist in the air when I read the thread title. :slight_smile:

Great signing!

If this is true, great signing but ... we currently have 3 DEs who are doing a good job, so why sign another. We are currently near the top of the league in sacks.

I realize that Baggs is a game changer, but I hope this comes along with a trade of some type to pick up someone in a position that we need. I'd rather be signing a quality DB, a fullback, and considering the injuries it looks like we could use an OLineman who can run block.

I know better is better, and you have to lock up a player like this when they come along, but I hope we haven't emptied the piggy bank when we have other areas where we need more help.


I thought the same thing - but maybe they figure that with McIntyre nursing an injury, it was better to have three guys who can platoon. Long may find himself with the short straw when McIntyre is back on the field - but may still be tradeable.

Better is Better as Obie would say

I like the signing but the only thing that "concerns" me a little bit is that of his 5 year CFL career totals of 80 tackles and 16 sacks, 55 tackles and 12 sacks were last year alone...That means he had ONLY 25 tackles and 4 sacks the previous four seasons...YIKES!

I stand to be corrected, but I think those numbers are explained rather adequately by the fact that last season was his first season as a regular starting DE.

I think this means goodbye to Khari Long.

8) Some knowledgeable football people are saying that Baggs success last season was due to the outstanding play
 of his line mate, John Chick !!

 Whether  true or not, I still think Baggs signing is a good one !!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Arash Madani said the deal isn't bad for a guy with one good year in the league. Hopefully John Chick isn't the reason Baggs had such a good season last year. I think having a sack threat on one side will make McIntyre more effective from the other. Madani also said Trestman was trying to get Baggs to Montreal.

Great signing. Our already strong D-line just got stronger.