Ticats sign Shivers and Poole, Argos trade for Copeland


Hamilton is going to be scary this season

Bombers better start making some moves if they want to compete with Ticats and Als

Compete for the basement,period.


The Ticat braintrust has been thinking about how to improve Hamilton's club through the entirety of last year, and certainly all off-season. These are well thought out moves. And Obie is not done, I'm thinking.

This is what will hurt Winnipeg. It took them forever to hire Mack, then LaPolice. The Ticat plan to improve was undoubtedly in place long before Mack was even hired. Now the Bomber braintrust is playing catch-up. Other teams are way ahead of Winnipeg in terms of evaluating their own talent, needs, salary cap room, and potential FA's.

This is what you get when you doddle, re: important hires. Other teams are getting better, and you are treading water.

And why exactly is this being posted in the Bomber forum ?

Richard, I thought you had more class than that. :thdn:

Why does everyone think the Als are still going to be a top team #1 … Without Calvillo they are as thin as every other team when it comes to experienced QB’S, MacPherson didn’t show me anything positive in his playing time that would suggest he is starting material, Als have aging reciever’s and honestly the Defense there isn’t as strong as people think, actually i think it’s weaker than people think, Als will slip soon, may not be this year but soon, Calvillo can’t be superman 4-ever!!

Ti-Cats on a spending spree signing poole and Shivers helps on the defensive side of the ball, but cap wise spending freely on 2 player’s and having no room for any other aquisitions when needed is a horrible move, and again the offense in Hamilton is nothing spectacular either, QB’S are no better than the Bomber’s QB’S, Glenn is due for another up-down season and is VERY injury prone to make it a full year again, Porter has a losing record. Two high priced Defensive player’s are not going to help your offense one bit, in fact being near the Cap now, you have no room to make any signifigant offensive moves, common sense.

As i see it the East may be in for a few surprises this season again!! Remember last season everyone expected the Cats to be horrible again and T.O to be competetive, look what happened, this year most expect The cats and Als to be a contenders and T.O and WPG to flop, that is the great thing about the CFL, lots of surprises in store for 2010, just don’t knock the Bombers and caount them out yet, we basically have the same team that pushed the Cats all the way to the last game of the season last year under Kelly nonehtheless, after starting 3-8, we’re only 2-3 player’s away from being a big surprise!!

Another fact to consider is Copeland is NOT going to make the Argo's any better on offense, you need a QB that can get Copeland the ball first.

The Als almost had a perfect regular season record last year. They are a powerhouse.

Hamilton has lots of cap flexibility...why do you think we are able to sign FA's and trade for Mann, who is making six figures?

With Glenn at QB, the Ticats moved the ball up and down the field at will.

Porter is learning, yet is better than any QB on Winnipeg's current roster.

For 2010, everyone expects the Als and Cats to be strong, and Winnipeg to stink, and everyone won't be disappointed.

In case you forgot we can afford to spend.We've dumped huge a huge Setta Salary already, traded Thompson for Mann which is an instant upgrade on offense, plan to lose Goodspeed's huge salary, probably gunna see Keith's huge salary get the boot also.Signing 2 great DB's that are on the rise to replenish a weak secondary is not a bad move.And as far as I know, we had wiggle room last season under the cap, even with all the big contracts.Unlike SSK who keeps going over, yet keeps spending away anyways.As for our QB's, they all have different style's.Bishop like's to gun it and hope for the best.When he's good he's GOOD, when he's bad he's TERRIBLE.Glenn like's to throw it where the receiver's are going before they get there which is good when the receiver's know exactly what they're doing.Lefor's is just terrible, he's got a weak arm and doesn't seem to be very accurate.Porter's got a strong arm but 1) he holds onto the ball 4 seconds too long and 2) he still hasn't gotten the full grasp of the playbook or CFL football in general.Glenn has definitely gotten better since leaving the Peg, I truly believe those days of on again off again are behind him.

The only thing starting to stink around here, is this thread.

Unless I see some sort of relevance to the thread title, this puppy is going to be gone.

And spike, er on in two, I haven't handed out any bannings yet, but you can bet I'm just looking for an excuse to, so bring it on fan boy, and let's see how far you can push it.

Okay, have your moment, getting so defensive, geez, fact is Glenn is bound to fail the loyal Cat fans as he failed the Loyal Bomber fans, he was nothing but a busted up back-up who is scared to take a hit, he is due for a bad season that's his motto bad-good-bad-bad season, last season was his good (so to speak), now it's time for his bad season, seen it here for five years man, know all too well, better hope Porter learned quick!! You're so quick to say the BB'S will stink just because the Cats aquired 3 new player's, Bomber's are not even getting started on the wheeling and dealing yet and we are sure to make some surprise moves for the better that will shoot us into contention. As for the Als, they can only stay on top so long and after the aging reciever's and Calvillo, there is not much there to make them the team they have been the past 2 seasons, yes two seasons, three years ago they flopped when we were on top, so being a powerhouse one year, does not make them a powerhouse the next. Well it's been fun, don't even know why i even have to defend myself or my team, but there it is, heard it here first.

I was just stating a fact that cause the Argo's and Cats signed/traded for 3 player's with three months until training camp does not make them any superior to the Bomber's who will make the right moves when the time is right, my point is it's February and you're already counting out our team on our thread, poor poor boy!!

Glenn was/is a very good QB, suprised you still cant see that

And I see by the sun that it's time for the annual "Als aren't great / are going to slip, etc. etc." thread.

LOL, aging receivers? Cahoon is 36, I grant you. Watkins is 30 and still has at least three peak years ahead of him. Richardson, Bratton, and Hawkins are all in their '20s.

Our defense must be overrated, yep. Forget all that "leading the league in most defensive categories" business. :lol:

.....it might be time to pull the plug on a couple of these jokers pigseye......quite frankly i'm getting sick and tired of the crap :thdn: only insults with little else ...I think a couple of smug asses need kicking :thdn:

Yup, I'm fitting the boot right now :lol: nothing like a good ole banning on a hump day.

I see it as good ole bashing, everyone does it, just not as much as SOME teams fans (hello Hamiton) and of course everyone is entitled to there opinion, but when it comes down to it, no one knows what will happen in 3 months, they are all quick to react cause they made a couple moves in the FA market (whoopie doo), Bombers made several moves last season and where did that get us? (LOL i know granted it was kelly making the moves) but as i see it Kelly actually did some good with MOST of his moves through trades over the last half of 2009. Not too mention we have every player from last season already locked up in contracts leaving us to spend on what we need, when we need it and that is when it counts the most come July!! :rockin:

I thought the rules were pretty clear that team boards were safe havens for fans of said team. . . i.e. a poster can say, in his own team's forum or on the CFL boards that Winnipeg will "stink" in 2010, but he cannot say it HERE.

Don't know what's so difficult to understand about that. . .

But as long as we're off topic and talking about annoying posters. . . where have sanjay and housedog gone? Can't think of anything negative to say lately?

I don't see it cause he's not that good, one good season in Winnipeg in 2007, every other year has been average at best, not to mention he HAD the best reciever's in the league most his time here he should've pulled out more than one good season outta five with the likes of Stegall, Armstrong, Edwards and so on, i reamain where i stand and have alway's stod as far as Glenn is concerned a HOT-COLD QB and an injury prone back-up at best!!

Don't call out the hounds mad, i am sure they are lurking in the shadows somewhere just waiting for there moment ... LOL ... i know last season when i posted The Cats Will Stink on ti-cat forum before the season, they were quick to delete the post and issue me a warning, meaning they can dish it out but can't take it, go figure!!

Well blue all that proves is that the Hamilton mods were on top of their game last season. . . this season, we have Pigseye here so that'll improve !!