ticats sign Shaun King for trainingcamp

Just recieved news that the Ticats have signed Shaun King ,just in time for traing camp.Sounds like there will be a intense camp for QB's and that Ticat brass wants to come out of camp ready just incase Maas can't get the job done again.Let the best QB play on the field and not sit on the bench, Ticat fans deserve that much!

Do you have any links, media references
etc. as to the facts of your story?

He probably received this news from Mcmahon

Another bunch of crap, some people need to get a life. King signed with the Colts on may 2nd 2007 see below.

How Does Shaun King Keep Getting Jobs?

Posted May 2nd 2007 7:40PM by David J. Warner
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As if Jim Sorgi and John Navarre weren’t enough, the Indianapolis Colts have signed another potential Peyton Manning backup in Shaun King.

Yes, that Shaun King. Like a bad penny, he just keeps coming back.

When we last saw Shaun King in a football uniform, he was getting cut by the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena Football League. Usually, when an Arena Football team cuts you, your playing days are pretty much over, and you can look forward to a long career in the insurance industry with Tim Couch.

For whatever reason, though, Tony Dungy keeps bringing this washout back for another run. Why? Shaun King is not an NFL quarterback. He’s not even an AFL quarterback. The Edmonton Eskimos would cut this guy. But he’s back with the Colts? Does King have negatives of Dungy with a gay lover or something? Or is Dungy just trying to be nice to the guy because he got to an NFC Championship game in spite of King?

Brian Jones outplayed Shaun King in Las Vegas. Brian Jones. Really. This is even more baffling than Matt Millen’s continued employment.

I thought the same thing as well re. Shaun King and the Colts roster but he does not show up on it anywhere.


Misinformation and disinformation; people please get your facts straight.

First off, albo51, give us a link or identify your source.

Secondly, trailerparkboy, you did NOT give the full article and left out a crucial part. At the end of the blog you quoted, the following appears (but was left out of your post):

"UPDATE (5/3): As a commenter pointed out, this is actually an old press release, so King may not have rejoined the Colts after all. If you're wondering why I blogged it, it's because it showed up on Topix.net's Colts feed on Sunday as a new story. Yeah, I don't think I'll be using Topix.net anymore."

So there.

This comment is disturbing from a cfl fan perspective imho-"The Edmonton Eskimos would cut this guy. But he's back with the Colts?"------ The NFl is craftily subjugating the cfl to a perception of inferior caliber talent- by drawing option year players with the only intent of cutting them, or relegating them to 4th string status-eg-Ricky Ray - Isnt it time to end this agreement of releasing option year cfl stars to be demeaned and degraded by nfl propaganda machine???? :oops: :cowboy:

Yes and it's also propanganda that the AHL is inferior to the NHL. Give me a break obviously the the NFL has the best talent when they spend billions on scouting and every players dream is to make it there for the money, fame, and skanky gurls.

The only way you could even argue that the CFL has better talent is if you point out that many players get to come up here and get on the juice.

re-Drexl- is that your opinion or what youve been told? IMo CFl stars are better than 4th string in nfl or late cuts, just look at the Ricky Wiliams experience. there are many more eg,s. But if your buying into the nfl hype good for you, Im saying its time to scrap the deal that lets cfl stars go south in the option year.

re-Yes and it's also propanganda that the AHL is inferior to the NHL.--- ill respond - since European players sign one way contracts , and Canadians generaly have to sign two way contracts, "(don cherry)" IMO the AHL is at par with nhl, (wich i dont (cant) follow any longer because of inferior play, compared to 20 or 30 years ago -peace

If you search his name on google shaun king profile shows he is with the colts

What exactly will eliminating the option year agreement do? The same players will leave during free agency and some of the longer contracts will just become shorter.

I think the CBA in the CFL stipulates that contracts are to be of a minimum 1 year + an option. I've been encouraged by some of the 3 and 4 year signings that have been penned amongst some quality CFLers. These contracts would likely just get shorter and increase the high turnover of good players between teams.

I'm not buying into anything, I just know that the best players are drafted into the NFL. They have this thing called the NFL draft where all the biggest and fastest football players get drafted into the NFL. Sure some great players slip through the crackes every once and a while, but it is just silliness to not accept the fact that they have superior talent. But I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

I head the Cats also signed former Detroit Lion Charles Rogers & former Carolina Panthers Defensive End Al Wallace. See i can make up stuff too :lol: Shaun King wouldnt be worth it anyway.

LOL; next you'll be telling us they've signed Ted White!

I dont know albo51, but how dumb is everyone going to feel if he/she is right about Shaun??

I've not said he/she is wrong; just asked for some sort of confirmation....a news report or something.

If this rumor were true, it would have been announced on CH (the 6 o'clock news) and posted on 900 CHML's website (they always have breaking Ticat news first). It wasn't.

re drexl wrote-They have this thing called the NFL draft where all the biggest and fastest football players get drafted into the NFL.------- in reply- imo there are many players who are missed in the nfl draft, the ranking system in us college is flawed, Regardless They do have very good players in the nfl, this is not in dispute, what im trying to point out is that the NFl is taking the top CFL stars and relegating them to 4th string, Purposely to make the NFl appear top be that much more superior, , and as a somewhat knowledgeable observer , this is beginning to have a negative effect on the CFL,. FOR eg- Jesse Lumsden was the best player in the east / west evaluation game his draft year, yet he was undrafted in the nfl And was a late cut 2 years from nfl camps, IF the nfl was seriously interested in the BEST , he would of at least been given a season to prove he could not play or contribute there. Wake up and smell the cow patties is what im saying! peace

Call up Michael Moore and ask him to make a documentary aboot it, and ask him to include the great CIS q.b conspiracy as well. lol.

Are CFL players treated fairly in NFL camps? No, but there is no conspiracy against them, NFL coaches don't have the time to worry about such silliness.