Ticats Sign Seven On Offence: 2 RBs, 5 WRs

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has strengthened its offence by signing import running backs Conte Cuttino and Terry Grant, import receivers London Crawford, Bakari Grant, James Swinton and Jordan Watson as well as non-import receiver Blaine Kruger.

For more information, visit this link: http://www.ticats.ca/article/offence-gr ... approaches

Bakari Grant catching a Hail Mary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0q3od9uuR4


I guess where getting close to Roster Being Full

great time with Camp a few days away .

Kruger, a 6-4, 210-pound native of Cochrane, Alberta, spent the 2009 season with the Calgary Stampeders after earning a Canada West All-Star nod at UBC in 2008. He was released by the Stampeders on July 19, 2010.

Nice see another Canadian WR and a Big Boy at That .. :thup:

I know we added Conte Cuttino last season but he could be a great replacement for Cobb and deadly out of the backfield.. He reminds me of Thigpen, we could have a very explosive return game this year..


That Cuttino guy looks like he has ridiculous agility, his jukes are disgusting, i would love to see us put Thigpen and this guy back on a kickoff and sit back be like, i dare you to kick to one of them, see what happens :lol:

Looking forward to 1st day of Rookie Camp.....

after some research, seems like were trying to add some size to our recieving corps

Bakari Grant is 6'3" and runs a decent 4.6/40 (UC Davis)
London Crawford is 6'2" and runs around a 4.5/40 (Arkansas)
James Swinton is 6' and runs a ridiculous 4.39/40, he ran as low as a 4.32, thats ridiculous (Auburn)
Jordan Watson is 6'2" and runs a 4.47/40 (Harding)
Blaine Kruger 6'4" (UBC) played for the Stamps the previous 3 years, practice roster guy

these guys sound impressive on paper, but we wont get to see until TC starts in a few days

that Swinton guy sounds impressive if we can get him the ball in open field, kind of excited to watch him in pre season

I'm still excited about Chris Williams. His 40 time was 4.34 and ran as low as 4.24. That's Chris Johnson type speed.

only thing that worries me bout him is hes only 155

but theres one thing about this team that has me excited and thats speed, we have a lot of fast guys we've added to the offence, and we've compmented it with some size as well, i think our offence is going to be dynamite this year with Cobb gone and Jones running the show, saying that im pumped for this season is an understatement

EDIT: i just looked up some stuff on Chris Williams, he has a 39" veritcle :o thats ridiculous, now im excited to see this guy

it also said in his NFL draft report that he was 170 when he worked out, so im guessing he can beef up to 165-170 and could be a dynamite slot for us, or even put him back as a returner, like i said, NOW IM EXCITED :smiley:

If it doesn't worry Obie then why should it worry you?

very good point, still must say if he has a down side, that would be it

trust me after looking stuff up on this guy, im stoked to see him on the field :smiley:

Nice to see Obie is bringing in talent to compete with the current team. I beleive the D line is still two players short. Someone has to compete with Hickman and Baggs. I can only guess there are a couple of guys on there way that will be signed by the end of the week. The current configuration leaves the D line a bit thin..............

These seven put us at 70 on the roster. That has to be brought down to 68 by next week, if I'm not mistaken, unless a couple of the rookies qualify as "non-counters" (e.g. draft pick, undrafted player). Possibles from what I can tell: Husband, Kanya, Kohlert.

If he has good hands, he'd make a nice target for Glenn. And add that extra level of comfort an NI WR.

Kruger has to be decent at least for them to sign him along with the fact that he made the Stamps active roster last year. Although he never caught a pass I feel the Stamps have pretty high standards talent-wise. I also like his size a lot but honestly I could care less how big or small a guy is as long as he makes plays happen and compiles yards on a reasonably consistent basis.

At 6'4" and a Canadian why would Cal let him go, maybe the hands are the issue or speed we'll see. And I'm sure Obie has a good excuses but why couldn't he release some of the signing earlier, during the long winter mouths when we were all dying for anything football instead of big bunches just before camp, but its sure nice to see them now. :thup: :slight_smile:

Well didn't they have Thelwell, Franklin, Arthur and Forzani at that point?

All very astute signings ! If they don't work out they can be released. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

A 6'4" Canadian player with speed and can catch becomes a very handy player even with top first stringers you can put him in and add somebody somewhere else and try and overextend a player on the opposition.