Ticats Sign Running Back to Practice Roster

The cfl.ca transactions page notes that the Ticats signed running back Andre Callender to the practice roster today. He is a former teammate of Quinton Porter at Boston College:

[url=http://bceagles.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/callender_andre00.html]http://bceagles.cstv.com/sports/m-footb ... dre00.html[/url]

Wonder if he can play on the defensive line?

wow, we now have a total of....7 runningbacks?

and don't forget we drafted Micheal Giffin this passed draft, you include him and thats 8.

and then on top of all of that we have 2 fullbacks.

Hey, don't knock Obie may have a big trade in mind. :? :oops:

Nah! Quinton wanted a new roommate :slight_smile:

Note to Obie, were's the beef. We need to find that next Joe Montford.


Please use the first two picks the Ticats get in the draft next year (#1 overall, and the other one we got from Winnipeg in the Moreno deal, which will probably be somewhere in the top 5) to get two new giant starting O-Linemen to replace any one of Hudson, Dyakowski or Hage, who have all played the entire year like backups, not starters. Then our 15 running backs may actually have holes to run through.

(I'm pretty sure that's what you are thinking, anyway, right?)

I agree that the picks should be used for O-Lineman, as at least one should turn into a bonefide starter, but don't think our interior O-Line has been too bad. It's the import tackles who have been letting us down.

Hopefully this RB is not "injury prone".


Hmmmmmm , i think we are at the top of the CFL in rushing yardage if i`m not mistaken .

I agree with your assessment of the O-line. Hage is a very good centre, and the guards have been reasonably good. but on short yardage plays the interior has let us down more than I like. The tackles - all the tackles have been able to block for the running game, except on short yardage, but they have not done an adequate job of protecting the QB, especially at LT. Don't know if it's the talent, experience, coaching, or offensive schemes, but I suspect a combination of all 4 is the culprit.

And the bottom of the standings.

The CFL is a passing league.

We need another running back like we need another undefeated pre-season.

Just for the record…

Linemen don’t grow on trees! :wink:

If one was available to trade for…O’bie would have done it! (actually he tried that) :stuck_out_tongue:

If an NFL cut is available…I’m sure he’s looked at that too.

The guy knows we need some help on the line. We upgrade at all positions if we can…that’s O’bies words!