TiCats Sign QB Stephen McGee

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-sign-qb-stephen-mcgee]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-sig ... phen-mcgee[/url]

McGee, a 6-3, 218-pound native of Round Rock, Texas, joins the Tiger-Cats after spending three seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and attending training camp with the Houston Texans earlier this year.

McGee was selected by the Cowboys in the fourth round (101st overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft. In three appearances with the Cowboys, he threw for 420 passing yards and three touchdowns while adding 102 rushing yards.

During his four-year NCAA career at Texas A&M, McGee threw for 5,475 yards and 28 touchdowns while rushing for 2,196 yards and 11 touchdowns.

FenderGuy69 - What implifications does this have on the current Tiger Cat quarter backs? Is it normal for a team to carry
4 qbs? Who will be the odd man out? Are the Cats setting the stage to not protect Burris in December? Opinions?

The odd man out could be Masoli as Brohm is slated to come off the 9 game IR and Austin seemed quite impressed with his skills in camp.

or it could be the complete reversal for all I know.. :?

Ex Texas A & M Stephen McGee. Interesting signing :thup:

Maybe Masoli is a Nik Lewis in training. Same body type :wink:

Sad that, while signing his name to the Ti-Cat contract, McGee suffered an injury, severe enough to put him in the Injured List.

Maybe writer's cramp?

Honestly not too sure the implications. With McGee added & assuming no other QB being released, that’ll be 5 pivots on the roster. I’m just guessing that Austin et. Al want to have as many options available to them going into the offseason and into next year. I doubt this has anything to do with this season. Just gives more options for next.

Couple things about him, as well as others being on the IR rather than the PR. PR guys can get claimed. IR guys can’t. If they 9 game him, it’s no hit to the cap. 1 game does, but it’s prorated obviously.

I’m guessing McGee is a player they’ve had their eye on and might as well get him up here learning over the course of the last 3rd of the season to have him ready next year. Even just see how he looks in practice running scout team as he’s similar to the QB’s in Toronto & Montreal that are key upcoming games.

Also, it's not unusual for a player that is signed mid season to go onto the IR right away. I'm sure they have to pass a physical with the team before setting foot on the practice field.

By no means though am I saying that Austin & Tillman et al aren't using the IR's & PR's as extended development squads, but they're not the only ones. Popp doess it. Every team has done it at some point I'm sure. They aren't breaking any rules. Guess the adage of "Don't hate the GM, hate the game" comes into play here.

What ever the conditions I hope he gets a real good opportunity to show his talent. I sure would like to see a solid prospect at QB for our team like several other CFL teams seem to have while Hank is still with us. I'm sure our coach once a great CFL QB can help develop and direct him in that respect :thup:

The Ticats always bring in extra guys during the last half of the season for a "look see" in advance of next year's training camp, but I think McGee's signing indicates that they truly think they may lose Burris or LeFevour to the RedBlacks.

I still say as good as the last couple of years that Hank has had for your guys, but has not resulted in a playoff, your future is LeFevour.
All kinds of potential and upside for this young guy.
Just like for us with Collaros.

The Cats do not have to protect Burris in expansion draft. He is a free agent. In the event Ottawa selects him, that does not prohibit him from resigning with the Cats in February 2014.

The Cats will protect LeFeveur. McGhee and Brohm will fight it out for 3rd string, with Masoli as the odd man out.

As much as I love Burris, I also have a miniature feeling the Austin will protect LeFevour in the expansion draft before resigning Burris and then protecting him. McGhee, as stated above, may have been signed for a really early 2014 tryout.....I have not seen enough of Brohm or any of Masoli to currently argue their worth to the team.......

Does anyone know what happens if a player on a team's negotiation list wants to sign and the team would prefer to wait? My guess, but I do not know, is that the team would have to make him an offer (the minimum offer) or give up his rights. (I am pretty sure that is the rule on players that are drafted.) Otherwise a team could prevent a player from coming into the league at all, which doesn't seem right. And it wouldn't be good for the league in the long run.

don't quote me on this but IIRC, the club has 10 days to make a formal contract offer once the player/agent informs the team of intent.

and if the team fails to do so within the allotted time frame, the player in question becomes an URFA.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6FUDeqarXk Stephen McGee Hi-Lites,Texas A@M




Thanks. That seems right. My point is then that sometimes a player may not be coming in because the Ti-Cats feel an immediate need but because the agent/player has contacted them and it is a sign-him-or-lose-him-permanently situation. I am not saying that is the case this time, I don't know.

I have no idea how often if at all this situation occurs. I would think this does not happen often. Sometimes a player may not want to sign with team A and instead team B, then sometimes his rights will be traded. I can't imagine that a player will notify a team that he's ready to play for them and they say no thanks and just let him become a free agent. I would think if that were to happen the team would try to trade his rights to another team that would be interested in him.